Liverpool play four titles: Klopp sees Bayern’s fate as a warning

Liverpool play for four titles
Klopp sees Bayern’s fate as a warning

A club legend is Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool FC, in the final shot of the season the crowning glory awaits him. One title has already been won, three more are possible. Before the Champions League semi-finals, the winning coach warns against underestimating Villarreal’s presumed lower opponent.

Jürgen Klopp is warned of his quadruple hunt when the “Yellow Submarine” appears in the Beatles city of all places. FC Villarreal “definitely deserved progress in both games against Bayern,” the Liverpool FC team manager told DAZN ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final first leg (21:00 / DAZN and live ticker on Bayern’s conquerors are just one of many obstacles on the way to the title quartet.

However, Klopp is very impressed by the Spaniards, who ruined the quarter-final tour for FC Bayern and before that for Juventus Turin. “Before, I had a lot of respect for Unai Emery and Villarreal”, said Klopp: “Because I saw the matches against Bayern and Juve, obviously with only one eye. But now I have looked at them carefully and: Wow! Impressive.”

Under Emery, who has been in the club since 2020, Villarreal have been the rock in the greats’ shoe, which is why Klopp has called for caution. “It could have been a small advantage that Juve or Bayern could have underestimated”, he said: “But it has never happened to us and especially after these four games there is no possibility”.

Almost exactly six years ago, Klopp knocked out Villarreal in the Europa League semi-finals. At that time without Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah or Virgil van Dijk, who came later. Today, with those superstars, it goes without saying that Liverpool are talked about and sung by many experts and fans alike at the final on May 28 in Paris. Preferably against Pep Guardiola and Manchester City.

For Klopp it would be the culmination of all his work with the Reds, which had already culminated twice in winning the premier class in 2019 and the Premier League title in 2020, so important to the fans. “For us it means everything to reach the Champions League final,” said Klopp.

But this season could even overcome the impossible. With four trophies at once. Klopp has already won a trophy, the League Cup, against Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea. The same against the same opponent should also succeed in the FA Cup final on 14 May. In the league, Liverpool will probably have to win all the remaining five games to overcome City, which is a better point. In the Champions League, Villarreal stands between Klopp and the next appointment with the history of football.

The fans trust the coach’s promises

The agonizing end of the season, according to Klopp, is “brutal, but that’s okay. It’s the best situation you can have.” In fact, it all sounds crazy, even Klopp called him “crazy” in the Sky interview with Jamie Carragher, which is why the German used a popular tactic in football. His team is enjoying this moment, but “not with the big things in mind”. Liverpool “will take the next game and play the best football you can play”.

Against Villarreal, the Spanish answer to “The Yellow Submarine”, an old Beatles classic will surely echo again at Anfield. Fans recently paid tribute to Klopp with a reworded version of the song “I Feel Fine”, which not even the coach himself can “get out of his head”. One line says that Klopp kept what he promised. In 2015 at the time of his inauguration when he predicted a title within four years. In the end he could have achieved so much more.

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