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Will it stay longer than 2024?

So far, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp (54) has been clear: when his current contract expires, it will be over! Just a few weeks ago, the former BVB manager said: “My plan is that I will stay until 2024, and then it will be: thank you very much!”

Now there seems to be a change of contract at Kloppo!

As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Klopp’s side reported that an extension is not out of the question. In fact, contractual negotiations should already be underway!

Klopp is said to have drawn new enthusiasm and strength from Liverpool’s bombing season. The club are league contenders, FA Cup finalists, EFL Cup winners and already has a stage in the Champions League final after beating Villarreal 2-0.

Both Klopp adviser Marc Kosicke and Fenway Sports Group chairman Mike Gordon participated in the English team’s Villarreal victory yesterday. Fenway Sports Group has owned Liverpool FC since 2010.

Both sides are said to have seized the opportunity for initial stay talks. According to the BILD information, an extension is actually POSSIBLE.

Even though Klopp sounded very different a few weeks ago. Asked about his future, the Liverpool boss said: “I love what I do. But I’ve said it a couple of times: there must be something else in the world besides thinking about very talented, beautiful and extraordinarily nice players. “.

If Klopp added a few more years to his tenure, he would be Liverpool’s longest reigning manager since manager legend Bill Shankly, who coached the Reds from 1959 to 1974.

And the signs aren’t bad. Most recently, Klopp expanded in 2019 after Liverpool won the Champions League title in the final against Tottenham (2-0). After Villareal’s victory, the final should be bagged again this year.

If he wins the pot again, Kloppo will probably have no choice but to stretch again …

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