Lived in the GDR – Why do I only receive the West Pension Adjustment?

Every week, t-online answers questions about pensions with experts. Today: I have lived in the West since 1990, before that I worked in the former GDR for 23 years. Why am I only receiving the West Adjustment Credit?

“This has to do with how long you live in West Germany,” says Dirk Manthey of the German Pension Insurance Association. “Since you transferred your place of residence from the GDR to the Federal Republic before May 18, 1990 (the day of the Unification Treaty), your periods of employment in the former GDR are counted as if you had spent them in the old federal states.”

“This means that these times have been rated higher from the start and calculated with the highest current pension value,” says Manthey t-online. Why: Different percentages apply to the pension increase for the federal states of East Germany and West Germany.

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In the east, pensions are rising more rapidly. This is because they are at a lower level overall. By 2024, Western and Eastern pensions should have fully adjusted.

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