Live ticker Formula 1: is Ferrari unpredictable?


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A ride to Miami

We have seen many laps that preceded the Miami premiere: virtual laps, safety car laps … Finally there is a full lap in a Formula 1 car! Charles Leclerc takes us along the 5,412 kilometers.


Miami like Malaysia and Singapore?

At least that’s what Hamilton says. What is meant are the physical challenges that Miami presents to pilots. “The race will be tough,” predicts the record champion and reveals: “I think I did it [am Freitag] already lost a few pounds “.

The street therefore reminds him of Malaysia. Although Sepang is no longer on the calendar at the moment, he is “still number 1 in terms of heats,” said Hamilton. Then came Singapore and recently also Miami.


22 years ago today …

… Mika Häkkinen won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2000. But the real story was written by his McLaren teammate David Coulthard.

The Scot had survived a plane crash a few days before the race and, despite his injuries, finished a resounding second place.

Formula 1 drivers are just of a different race. The full story with all wallpapers is here!

9:21 am

Sainz does not want to tick the season yet

It could be a little early after four races. But after two recent failures in a row, he is already 48 points behind his teammate Leclerc in the World Championship. This is the equivalent of nearly two race wins.

“I remember going through a very similar scenario last year,” reveals Sainz and explains: “I crashed a few times and right after that I did my best races in Formula 1.”

“So I know how to get out of there,” he points out. Of course, yesterday’s accident didn’t make things any easier …


Vettel declares the underpants protest

With his underwear campaign, the four-time world champion yesterday caused some laughs, although not everyone found the campaign fun. “It was more of a gag,” he explains to “Sky” and adds, “I think the whole story is stupid anyway.”

“We grew up somewhere and everyone should decide for themselves”, he clarifies and underlines: “I don’t think the FIA ​​threatens a quarter of a million dollars or euros if you wear underwear, somehow it’s not good for our sport. “.

Find the current FIA jewelry and underwear line “a little over the top”. Hence the witty protest.


Mercedes: In the fight for pole today?

By the way: Mercedes can only improve after the mixed season start. And yesterday was the one with P1 and P4! “A tiring but encouraging day,” sums up Andrew Shovlin.

“We had some aerodynamic upgrades to test, the results of which we are still evaluating, but overall it looks like we have made some progress,” he says confidently.

“There are some noticeable bumps on this track that take the car off course, but overall it’s a good start, especially compared to our last Fridays,” said Shovlin.

Will it be enough to fight for pole today? Or will Red Bull and Ferrari retire again on Saturday?


Alonso: From now on it can only get better!

The Spaniard started yesterday’s weekend once again with an excellent fifth place. But although the two-time world champion in 2022 has been almost always fast so far, the results don’t reflect that at all.

After finishing ninth at the start in Bahrain, he recently missed the points three times in a row, for various reasons that were often beyond his control. “I think I have all that bad luck behind me,” he smiles.

“It is uniform on 23 races”, he hopes. In other words, things can only get better. Let’s see if he can get a result that fits his performance this time in Miami.

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