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The secret to being successful in the stock market is following the big gains by exercising the flexibility and speed that only you, the private investor, have. While professionals and institutions must adhere to clearly defined processes and rules, you can use them to your advantage and achieve returns. In the online seminar, you learned exactly how it works and which stock market strategies you should use.

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In the trading seminar, Andr Stagge gave answers to the most important questions for investors. How can you achieve returns despite the Brenmarkt in 2022? What risks should you consider in your operations? Stagge described what he has learned over the past 25 years on the stock market and from other traders and portfolio managers and what knowledge he has found leads to long-term success.

Andr Stagge also explained where there are opportunities for you as an investor in the stock market in 2022. He introduced you to his stock market strategies, why they work and how easy they are to implement. In this he was supported by the certificate expert of Bank Vontobel Europe AG, David Hartmann.

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Andr Stag has over two decades of trading and investing experience. After studying business administration at the University of Mannheim with an honors exam, she worked for eleven years as a senior portfolio manager in one of the largest German investment firms. The focus was on currency, futures and options trading. Its annual profit target was in the double-digit million range. He was responsible for four funds totaling over $ 2.5 billion in assets under management. During his active time as a fund manager, Andr Stagge was able to generate profits of over 500 million euros for his investors. As a certified Eurex trader, certified financial technician and charter financial analyst, he works as a speaker, trainer and performance coach with the aim of increasing the success of traders and investors on the stock exchange.

Your expert in the online seminar

David Hartmann is product manager of Vontobel and responsible for issuing investment products in Germany. His core businesses include issuing and maintaining the investment product range as well as weekly media appearances on current stock market topics.

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