Live in the ticker: Alexander Zverev meets Djokovic conqueror Carlos Alcaraz in Madrid Masters final

Alexander Zverev is reaching his sixth Masters title in Madrid. The Olympic champion meets shooting star Carlos Alcaraz in the final in the Spanish capital.

The 19-year-old Spaniard had caused a sensation in previous rounds with spectacular wins over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. In April of this year, Alcaraz was crowned the youngest Masters champion in Miami for 17 years.

Will Zverev be able to stop the triumphal advance of the best talent and win his first title this calendar year?

Atp Madrid

Djokovic admits: The entry dispute was “severe mental stress”.


The Madrid final live in the ticker.

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Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 5: 1

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 5: 1

Lightning-fast serve by the Spaniard: Alcaraz scored 5-1 in a quick run. Zverev will serve soon against match defeat.

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 4: 1

Zverev is now completely lost: first he scores a simple smash on the net, then makes a double mistake and then a straight shot from the hamburger ends up in the net, giving Alcaraz another chance to break. The Spaniard forces Zverev to return to the net with a volley and then overtakes him for the next break. Was that the preliminary decision?

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 3: 1

Alcaraz determines where the journey is going. The Spaniard takes 90 percent of the points when his first serve hits the pitch and continues to score with his incendiary forehand. Zverev recovered at 15:40, but the edge of the goal is not even Hamburg’s ally today, so Alcaraz can finally confirm the break.

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 2: 1

Slowly but surely, frustration is spreading to Zverev. Alcaraz has an answer for everything and only scores with a nice pass, before another unforced mistake by Zverev gives the Spaniard the next three chances to break. The Spaniard transforms the first with a fantastic straight stop. Up to this point it is a show of strength from Alcaraz!

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 1: 1

Brief confusion as both Alcaraz and the linesman saw a Zverev backhand out of bounds. However, the hawk eye corrects the two. Ultimately though, this is just a side note, because the Spaniard continues to act very powerfully, especially with his own serve. From time to time, Zverev has to make do with emergency attacks, some of which sail far away. Alcaraz draws in this way with confidence.

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3, 0: 1

The great strength of the German number one, the serve, does not really come into play in this final. After two simple mistakes, from Zverev’s point of view it is 30:30 again. The Olympic champion now occupies Alcaraz more with the forehand and forces him to miss – 1-0 for number two on the seeding list.

Alcaraz – Zverev 6: 3

A pleasure what Alcaraz is playing here! Sometimes Alcaraz scores with his creaky forehand, sometimes with his soulful stops. The Spaniard here still has everything under control and secures three set points after just 31 minutes. The Spaniard turned the first thanks to a winning serve. Zverev absolutely has to come up with something in the second sentence.

Alcaraz – Zverev 5: 3

Zverev still sends a sign of life in the first round and keeps his serve at zero. With a crashed first serve (221km / h) he finally reduced to 3: 5. However, the Spaniard will soon be needed to win the set.

Alcaraz – Zverev 5: 2

Carlos’s strong choirs make the rounds of the Caja Magica – and not without reason. Alcaraz succeeds in everything in this phase of the game and in the meantime scores even ten points in a row. Number seven on the seeding list plays fantastic angles and forces Zverev to make the next mistake – 5: 2 for Alcaraz. Zverev will serve soon against the loss of the set.

Alcaraz – Zverev 4: 2

The best rally of the match: Alcaraz and Zverev give a high-class cross duel – with a better result for the Spaniard, who is now on the trigger. First he forces Zverev to goal with a straight stop, and then scores with a winning forehand. Another straight winner (166 km / h) then gives him the next three breakballs (0:40). This time the 19-year-old will not be asked and forces Zverev to make a mistake on the net. The deserved break for Alcaraz, who is currently the much better player.

Alcaraz – Zverev 3: 2

Nothing to achieve for Zverev with Alcaraz’s service! The young man varies his services well and generates many free points. With a soulful volley on the net, he brings his serve game back to zero.

Alcaraz – Zverev 2: 2

Suddenly Zverev staggers on his serve. After two unforced errors, it is immediately 30: 0 for the local hero, who shortly after secures the first break of the game after another slight backhand mistake from Hamburg (30:40). As a result, however, Zverev served extremely concentrated, freed himself with the first serve and still won the game with a sensational match. First critical phase averted.

Alcaraz – Zverev 2: 1

Incredible! At 0:30 Zverev puts a lot of pressure on Alcaraz with the forehand, but then completely misses a light shot. The Spaniard thanks him and, thanks to a winning forehand, keeps his serve at zero.

Alcaraz – Zverev 1: 1

Lightning-fast departure of Zverev with his service. The Olympic champion generates many free points and, with the exception of a pass from Alcaraz, which is worth seeing, he concedes almost nothing. 1: 1 – everything in order.

Alcaraz – Zverev 1: 0

Alcaraz looks a little nervous at the start of his serve and puts a seemingly slight forehand away. Later, however, the 19-year-old showed his class and scored with a brilliant forehand stopped at 30:30. Shortly thereafter, number seven on the seeding list secured their first win of the match after an unforced mistake by Zverev.

Alcaraz opens against Zverev

Dinner is served! The Spanish shooting star opens the match against the Olympic champion. Incidentally, it is the first meeting between the two top players.

Alcaraz and Zverev enter the square

Both players have already entered Piazza Caja Magica and warmed up. The grand finale in Madrid is about to begin.

Alcaraz against Zverev in the ticker

Hello and welcome to the ATP Masters in Madrid. Alexander Zverev meets Spanish shooting star Carlos Alcaraz in the final. Robert Bauer accompanies the game for you here in the live ticker. Have a good time!

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Atp Madrid

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