Lieferando excludes drivers from company parties

Lieferando wants to organize a pool party for his employees in a Berlin club. However, drivers are not wanted – now there is protest.

While Lieferando employees are throwing a pool party, the drivers have to stay outside.

While Lieferando employees are throwing a pool party, the drivers have to stay outside.
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It should be the corporate event of the summer for Lieferando’s team. The German-Dutch delivery service invited employees to “Haubenaucher”, a popular beach bar with swimming pool in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, for 1 July. “Dress code: it’s all about the pool!” It says in an invitation letter that it was delivered to the start-up scene. Of course “delicious food” and “refreshing drinks” are provided. The same goes for two “first class” DJs who have to provide musical accompaniment to the event. From Lieferando’s point of view, the “most important ingredients” for a “real day club party”.

However, the party atmosphere could be seriously disturbed by some employees. The reason is in bold at the end of the invitation letter: it is stated that only employees from Germany and Austria are invited. On the other hand, drivers who deliver orders for Lieferando in orange uniforms, as well as temporary workers, are excluded from the event.

The collective of motorists calls for protests

These conditions of participation are subject to criticism on social networks. On Monday, the self-organized Lieferando Workers Collective posted a screenshot of the invitation letter on Twitter and called a “rally” in front of the event venue. “They are shamelessly organizing an all-inclusive party while we can’t even pay the rent! We’re coming anyway!” Said the managers.

According to information, the drivers were repeatedly excluded from a corporate event. In April, parent company Just Eat offered a four-day ski trip to Switzerland exclusively for 5,400 employees. Cost: 15 million euros, as reported by Bloomberg.

When asked by the start-up scene about the summer party, Lieferando only responded with a general statement. The celebration is an after-work event for the employees of yd.yourdelivery GmbH. This manages the German business of the Dutch parent company Just Eat under the Lieferando brand. It is about strengthening cooperation and team spirit. “We have decided to include colleagues who work in the same office buildings and therefore also to invite employees from our logistics subsidiary, Takeaway Express GmbH,” continued a spokesperson.

“Possible misconduct” at a previous business event

However, the company did not respond as to why drivers are explicitly excluded. Just that: “We really appreciate the work our drivers do on the roads.” That is why, as in previous years, the company organizes “regular team events for drivers in all cities, such as regular customer tables, barbecues or events on specific occasions.” In total, Lieferando claims to employ several thousand couriers.

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“Possible misconduct at a corporate event”: Internal investigations against Lieferando co-founder Jörg Gerbig

For the company, this is the second nuisance related to a corporate event this year. In May, it was learned that internal investigations had been launched against longtime COO and CEO Jörg Gerbig for “possible misconduct at a corporate event”. These are still ongoing. How big the anger will be for the excluded riders at the summer party will be shown on Friday.

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