Lidl relies on national 5D regulation

Lidl is fulfilling the wishes of many customers and is now using a new 5D regulation nationwide. These are meat and sausages that can only come from German production.

Lidl has announced a great innovation. As the company reveals in a press release, it wants to be the first retailer in Germany to introduce a nationwide “5xD” offering. This means that all cured meats and meat products come from German farming and production. “5xD” refers to the five stages of birth, rearing, fattening, slaughter and processing, all of which take place in Germany.

Colloquially, the term 5D rule is also used for this offer. According to Lidl, the main objective of the new regulation is to welcome customers. The company has repeatedly listened to the request for local offers and now wants to comply.

Lidl: Customers and farmers should benefit

“Over the past few months we have been working intensively with our partners to convert all parts of the supply chain of almost all fresh meat and sausage products under our” Metzgerfrisch “brand to German origin. As a result, we are the first. German retailer to actually implement a “5xD” offer nationwide, “says Christoph Graf, Lidl’s Purchasing Manager in Germany in the press release.

Lidl also believes that the 5D regulation can also support general animal welfare and German agriculture. With foreign offerings, problems can arise when it comes to understanding the storage and processing conditions.