Lidl introduces the 5D rule for meat nationwide: what exactly is behind it?

Lidl is the first nationwide discounter to introduce a change in meat sales. In the future, the 5D rule will apply to meat products. But what’s behind it and what effect does it have on gamma?

Retail chain Lidl is the first discounter in Germany to introduce the new 5D regulation, which affects almost the entire range of sausages and fresh meat.

From now on, only sausages and meat products born, reared, fattened, slaughtered and processed in Germany will be sold under the Lidl “Metzgerfrisch” brand. The change affects all 3,200 Lidl branches nationwide.

5D rule at Lidl: what changes?

With the existing 4D standard, animals often come from abroad. Meat is cheaper there, but the long transport routes negatively impact the environment and animal welfare. Now Lidl does without it.

The 5D regulation means that the animals and their parents were born and raised in Germany, fed on feed produced in Germany and slaughtered and processed in Germany.

“Over the past few months we have been working intensively with our partners to convert all parts of the supply chain of almost all fresh meat and sausage products under our ‘Metzgerfrisch’ brand to German origin,” says Christoph Graf, manager Lidl purchases in Germany.

Support for German agriculture

With the introduction of the 5D rule, Lidl strengthens the marketing of German products. According to the company, the move to fully domestic production is also an important prerequisite for supporting German agriculture in its transformation towards greater animal welfare.

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