Leclerc annoyed by the “wrong decision”


What was happening to Bottas?

Of course, we also want to fix it towards the end of our ticker day. “We don’t know yet, but there appears to be damage to the exhaust,” said Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur.

“We were afraid the car would catch fire,” Vasseur said. That’s why Bottas had to park his car. In the end it was still enough for eighth place, which triggers “mixed feelings” in the foreman.

“Both of my boys could have done better,” Vasseur said. Zhou had already failed in the second quarter.


Ricciardo: There would have been more

“It’s pretty good on paper,” said the Australian after finishing sixth. But: “It hurts a bit because I think almost everyone has done two laps in front of me. And I only did one because of the red flags.”

“With the improvements in the second lap, I think I could have finished much higher in the standings,” he says angrily. “But that’s okay, I’m glad we had a good pace,” said Ricciardo.

P6 is “a good position” for tomorrow’s sprint.


Even the departure of Norris …

… is here again in the video. Incidentally, the crash is not a problem, the broken front wing can obviously be replaced with tomorrow’s sprint despite Parc Ferme. Before that, there is also FT2.

Another formality: Albon did not set a lap time in qualifying and therefore missed 107 percent. However, he will be allowed to start with a special (mandatory) permit.


Sainz: “I apologize to the whole team”

“Today is very difficult to digest”, admits the Spaniard and explains: “I apologize to the whole team and to the fans. I didn’t even push that hard because we had more than enough pace to enter Q3 comfortably.”

“Positive” it’s just that the weekend isn’t over yet. “I still have the sprint race and Sunday race,” Sainz says in a combative way. His departure is shown again here in the video:


Albon: Problem with the brake system

It was already predictable, but Williams has now officially confirmed it. Dave Robson explains: “Alex had a brake problem because a switch was set incorrectly when switching to slicks.”

Unfortunately he does not go into details, and Albon himself merely explains: “Unfortunately we had a problem with the braking system, which interrupted our qualifying prematurely. These things can happen.”

You have to “investigate the problem now so we understand what went wrong and how we can fix it”.


Red Bull: reliability problems solved?

“We know we will do it on Sunday,” says Helmut Marko on “Sky” and explains of Verstappen’s failure in Melbourne: “There was a small problem, a titanium line, and the hairline broke.” .

“That was a high pressure line and then […] this crack immediately opened and the gasoline poured out en masse. So that was actually a small cause with a big effect, ”says Marko.

The problem is not expected to repeat itself this weekend.


What was happening to AlphaTauri?

Both cars out in Q1. How could this happen? “I don’t know exactly what happened today. The track was the driest on our last lap, but we were sent off anyway. It’s very disappointing,” admits Gasly.

Jonathan Eddolls added: “Our wet performance was good, but we struggled to warm up the intermediates. […] We didn’t have the pace we expected in these conditions. “

This is a “big disappointment” especially since Imola is the team’s home game. After all: tomorrow in the sprint it can’t be much worse …


Magnussen accepts responsibility for errors

We just mentioned it: fourth place is the best qualifying result ever for Haas. But it almost didn’t happen. “I lost the car completely and slipped on the gravel bed. I thought it was over,” says Magnussen of his spin in Q3.

The Dane was able to prevent an impact and continue. Incidentally, he assumes full responsibility for the accident. “I ran out of talent,” he says, explaining, “I just hit the white line.”

P4 was obviously “unexpected”. “The car is great,” he cheers for “Sky” and explains: “It’s not a miracle of me, it’s just a great car.” With a wink, he explains that tomorrow’s goal is a result in the top 3.

Realistically, however, he is already satisfied with a result in the top 8 and therefore with points. “That would be great,” says Magnussen, who admits: “I don’t think we’re fast enough for fourth place in the dry.”


Vettel: No real lap in Q3

Even the second German on the field today could have done better. “I had the first lap where I just rolled and then I wanted to attack the second when I knew the tires were in the right window,” he explains to ‘Sky’.

“But of course it was great up until then,” he says happily and explains: “We don’t really belong together [in Q3]Basically, it still lacks the right “feel” in the cabin. “I still can’t really feel the car,” he explains.

Speaking of the sprint, he adds: “Right now we don’t really know where we are in terms of pace for the weekend. Q2 was obviously fantastic. There were some surprises, so I don’t know why Mercedes was so slow for example.”

But he expects it to be “difficult for us [wird]keep the place “.



There were a total of five red flags in today’s qualifying. Our colleagues took a look – this is a new record! The previous record was four reds in Hungary in 2016 and Baku last year.

But is this record good or bad …?


Red Bull: Don’t be afraid of Verstappen’s penalty

The Dutchman had a yellow flag on his fastest lap. But Helmut Marko explains to ‘Sky’: “He launched, blatantly, and that’s why he was only in the third sector. [die] third fastest time. Nothing can come of it. “

Speaking of tomorrow’s sprint, he explains: “I think the balance of power has remained the same from all three races so far. […] With the exception of Melbourne, I would say that in the race we were always on par with Ferrari. “

So it will be exciting!


The most important thing for Friday …

… of course you can find it again today in our photo series!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Imola: The most important thing on Friday


Norris: Front row would have been fine

“Of course I’m happy,” says the McLaren driver after P3, who said it was “a surprise”. But he also reveals: “There was a lot more all round.” That’s why he ended up “pushing too hard on the outlap”.

“It was a shame because there was a chance to at least attack Charles,” he says. In his opinion, P2 would be in the realm of possibility. “The car felt good,” said the Brit.

Conclusion: “Too bad it ended like this. But it’s a good position for tomorrow”.


Schumacher: “Much more” would have been possible

The German reports on ‘Sky’: “In the end I made a mistake on the lap and we were still twelfth, which obviously means that we could have been a lot ahead.”

“But in the end it was my fault. Of course, the red flag didn’t help, but it also counts for everyone else”, he admits self-critically and explains that “much more could have been done”.

Team mate Magnussen proved this, with the best qualifying result in Haas history with fourth place.

7:00 pm

Mercedes: It wasn’t the rain

At least that’s what expert Nico Rosberg says on ‘Sky’, where he explains: “It wasn’t the rain, they were just too slow. I mean, they were two seconds slower per lap, it’s unbelievable, nothing’s okay. right now. “

The biggest problem is still the rebound. “When they have driven down the straight, you get a headache just looking”, smiles Rosberg and explains: “It is a great challenge and I don’t know when they will have a solution.”

You don’t even know at Mercedes …

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