Klauß: Two victories for the new season

Everything for the new season is the motto of the 1. FC Nürnberg before the final days of the match, but that does not mean that the Franconi have marked the end of the current season. The reverse is the case.

Club manager Klauss wants to start next season with a positive start.

Club manager Klauss wants to start next season with a positive start.
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Coach Robert Klauß, whose early extension of his contract has been officially announced, which expires in 2023, wants to gain momentum for next season with a win in Kiel and over Schalke: “We saw last year how positive he is. a positive conclusion to the preparation strikes. ” Not to mention that it would do a lot of good for FCN in the TV Money ranking to at least defend, if not improve, its current 6th place.

The tabular recovery continues

Incidentally, improvement is also a buzzword that is red-hot in the club. Under the aegis of new sporting director Dieter Hecking, who took office after the last-minute save in July 2021, things have continually improved, which in turn is closely related to the coaching staff he has hired with Robert Klauß at the helm. From 16th place, FCN climbed to 11th in the first season and there are currently signs of a further leap forward five places.

This is with regard to positive development which can be brought about by pure facts. But it is also reflected in other factors. It starts with the fact that a number of young players have joined the regular squad and continues with a mostly courageous and refreshing style of play. “The manager plays football that is suited to the club and with which the fans can identify,” Hecking points out, so the current early contract extension has been a problem for weeks and now unsurprising.

Ambitious Klauß is a “coherent overall package”

How long the “good and consistent overall package” that Klaus says Hecking is now tied to the club remains hidden, as does the question of whether the new contract has an exit clause. The only thing he and the club “revealed” is that the coach’s yes was quick, no long and complicated discussions were necessary.

It is also not surprising that Klauss, as usual on such occasions, cheers for his employer, speaks of “joy and pride” and knows “what is still missing”. For example, that his team’s dominant stages in a match sometimes end too abruptly. “Our job is to improve it,” said Klauss, referring to himself and the coaching staff. As a football manager, the 37-year-old himself has also decided to take the next step. “Constantly questioning oneself to improve”, he describes as a characteristic, Hecking also describes him as ambitious and ambitious.

Hecking should also be held

It goes without saying that the latter also applies to the sports director. When he took office two years ago, the 57-year-old stressed that after decades of working as a manager in the Bundesliga, it was a great motivation for him to return to the club in a new position at the highest level. According to his contract, according to the official status, he has time only in the next season, because his work card expires in June 2023. A circumstance that the association, in this case in particular the supervisory board, wants to change. It would be a big surprise if this project fails.

It is not possible to plan a climb. And we don’t have a crystal ball.

But back to Klaus. He leaves no doubt that he will also be drawn to the Bundesliga, with the club of course, but he leaves when it’s open. “You can’t plan for promotion. And we don’t have a crystal ball,” he points out, knowing that his team has created new, higher expectations. “First of all, it is good that the demands on us have grown.”

Visions of the future initially only in the offspring

However, he refuses to set a specific goal for next season, which will be given only in the course of preparations, “when we can evaluate our squad and that of others – like last season”. Shortly before the start, the Franconis had scored the goal from 5th to 8th place after Hecking prevailed in the controversial internal discussion. It is already clear that the club’s appendages want him a bit of an explorer.

Regardless of the official goal, the FCN wants to further optimize its promotion of young talent, which has also recently grown positively. To this end, he wants to form an internal perspective squad that will be made up of the most promising players from the Under 16 to Under 21 players. This group, which can constantly change, then receives extra individual support in addition to normal training. Former professional Dieter Frey (49), who recently worked as head of training for U12 and U15 along with his job as a math and sports teacher at the NLZ, is taking a leave and will take on this task at full time.

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