Klarna launches a new feature and turns online shopping upside down

Klarna is rolling out a feature for their payment system that has never existed before. Instead of shopping online and relying on reviews and photos, it will soon be much easier for you to find the right products. The benefits of in-store shopping should find their way online as well.

Klarna launches a new feature: advice and purchases via video

Klarna wants to make online shopping easier and more convenient. To this end, offers are now being launched under the title “Virtual Shopping”. Customers and sellers must contact each other directly connect via chat or live video being able. There will be 300 brands and over 400,000 resellers at launch, spread across multiple countries. Germany has also been there from the start.

Klarna users should no longer do without the benefits of shopping in a store when shopping online. The products can be seen directly in the live video and better purchasing decisions can be made. Also Personal advice and advice retailers and sellers should no longer be reserved for stationary trading:

Here’s what Klarna’s video feature looks like when you shop online. (Image Source: Klarna)
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“At Klarna, we want to offer the best shopping experience in the world, both online and in-store,” explains David Sandstrom, Klarna’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a press release. So far, online shopping has lacked human interaction. “With virtual shopping, we bring the experience of personal advice from experts in stationary retail to the online area.”

This opens up new possibilities for customers who cannot come to the store or who simply prefer to shop from home. You just have to go to the store to try it out before you buy it. Klarna created the necessary facilities in 2021 with the acquisition of Hero, according to Klarna the market leader in video shopping. But the feature should also open up new possibilities for retailers.

Here’s how to save when shopping online:

Fewer returns thanks to online shopping tips

This way you can increase customer loyalty Reduce Yields: A topic for environmentally conscious buyers to test out the new feature. All customers need is a smartphone. Participating retailers can integrate virtual shopping functions into their online stores and use them to contact shoppers more directly than before. Klarna also makes the “Klarna Store App” available to participating retailers and brands, but customers do not need additional applications.

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