Klarify: New platform for allergy sufferers

Despite the burden of allergies, many, such as allergic hay fever, go untreated. This is due, among other things, to the ignorance and neglect of the affected people themselves, who can now obtain comprehensive information on symptoms, treatment and more via a new platform from the ALK-Abelló company.

With the help of the klarify website, people suffering from allergy symptoms should be able to quickly and easily access information on various allergies and their associated symptoms. The ALK-Abell√≥ company, which specializes in the treatment and therapy of allergies, has created the platform to provide more people with extensive knowledge on the subject and to offer untreated patients an opportunity for orientation. If you’re still unsure whether an allergy is the cause of your symptoms, the website’s symptom checker can be informative. In any case, if an allergy is suspected, a visit to the doctor is recommended – the specialist search function on the platform shows the experts nearby with just a few clicks.

“I believe the new klarify patient platform is a very successful presentation, offering patients a simpler overview of their disease and various treatment options, and ultimately also allows them to seek out a specialist,” says Prim. . Peter Ostertag, Head of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at the Kufstein District Hospital in Tyrol. “This is important to raise awareness of allergic diseases in the general public, to educate them and to provide our patients with further information and contacts for scientifically correct treatment.”

Further information: https://at.klarify.me

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