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Linz The number of people with allergies is constantly increasing. Although allergies can be very painful, there are still many allergy sufferers who are not treated properly. Among other things, lack of knowledge and carelessness about the consequences of untreated allergic rhinitis – hay fever – play a role. To remedy this, the ALK company has created a new information platform on which those affected can obtain comprehensive information on symptoms, diagnoses and treatments: https://at.klarify.me A self-test helps assess symptoms, a specialist search is intended to help you quickly find an allergist in your area. Because with the appropriate treatment, allergies can now be managed well and without much effort.

According to their own statements, around 1.7 million people in Austria suffer from allergies.[1] This trend has been on the rise for many years. The causes have not yet been definitively clarified. “Several hypotheses are often discussed,” explains Prim. Peter Ostertag, Head of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Kufstein District Hospital. “The hygiene or jungle hypothesis states that insufficient stimulation of the immune system by foreign substances in early childhood leads to an increase in the development of allergic diseases. The biodiversity hypothesis assumes that too one-sided pollution tends to cause allergies and according to the polluting hypothesis, the allergenicity of substances increases significantly due in particular to air polluting fine dust.According to the expert, other reasons are genetic factors, warming due to climate change, the increase of “new” allergens such as ragweed and the increase in travel: people meet new allergens in foreign countries and foreign foods are imported. .

Clarify complaints!

Grass pollen is currently making life difficult for hundreds of thousands of people in Austria. Artemisia and ragweed (ragweed, ragweed) soon follow. All of these plants produce particularly heavy dust this year and cause symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itching or obstruction, watery or red eyes and coughing, and can even cause breathing problems. These symptoms need to be clarified and determined if there is indeed an allergy behind them. If the suspicion is confirmed, appropriate therapy should be initiated.

Data from Italy show that this is often not the case. According to a survey of symptomatic patients, nearly 40 percent were either not treated or not treated sufficiently.[2] “Unfortunately, an equally troubling picture applies to Austria,” Ostertag said. Nearly a third of self-reported allergy sufferers have never been diagnosed with a medical allergy and it usually takes up to 6-9 years for a professional diagnosis.[3] If an allergy is not treated, “allergic rhinitis” can have far-reaching consequences. Ostertag explains which: “Ongoing inflammation can lead to irreversible organ changes, including those in the nose. In addition, approximately 30% of allergy sufferers develop an allergen spectrum expansion within their “allergy career” and over 40% of patients develop a so-called plan change when the allergic disease migrates from the top to the top. the lower respiratory tract – allergic The result is bronchial asthma.

Lots of information, symptom control and seeking a specialist on Klarify

Lack of knowledge of the consequences of an untreated allergy plays a central role in why so many patients don’t find their way to the doctor. A worldwide phenomenon, as the International Collaboration in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (iCAALL) criticizes.[4] The ALK-Abelló company, which specializes in diagnostics and therapy for allergic diseases, wishes to use the klarify website to increase awareness of allergies and motivate more affected people to clarify and treat their allergic symptoms by a doctor.

The simple control of allergy symptoms, which can be found on the new Klarify website and which is based on the so-called Rhinitis Control Assessment Test (RCAT), can give a first indication of an existing allergy. RCAT measures how severe your symptoms are and how well you manage them. This test is intended to provide initial orientation but cannot replace a visit to the doctor. But many allergy sufferers often don’t know who the right contact person is for them. This can be solved by looking for a specialist, with the help of which you can find a suitable expert in your area with just a few clicks. In addition, the new website offers detailed information on the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.

I see the new klarify patient platform as a very successful presentation, making it easier for patients to get an overview of their disease and various treatment options and ultimately also seek out a specialist‘says Ostertag. “This is important to raise awareness of allergic diseases in the general public, to educate them and to provide our patients with further information and contacts for scientifically correct treatment.

Possible effective treatment

Depending on the frequency and severity of the disease, different treatment options are available. On the one hand, triggering allergens should be avoided as much as possible. Local remedies such as antihistamines or cortisone are used to quickly relieve acute symptoms. Allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT; also known as hyposensitization or allergic vaccination) offers a permanent solution that fights not only the symptoms but also the cause of the allergy. With repeated controlled administration of the allergy trigger (in the form of injections, drops or tablets), the hypersensitive immune system is taught to stop overreacting when it comes in contact with pollen and the like.

AIT as an orodispersible tablet is the most modern and particularly patient-friendly form. It is available for people allergic to grass pollen, but also tree and ragweed pollen and house dust mites and can easily be taken at home once a day. The fast dissolving tablet is placed under the tongue, where it dissolves. Even without water. After only a few weeks of treatment of about three years, which is paid for by the health insurance company after the appropriate diagnosis and specialist prescription, there is a significant improvement in symptoms. This brings a new quality of life to allergy sufferers. “Tablet-based allergen specific immunotherapy is a special form of sublingual specific immunotherapy, which is extremely simple for patients to perform and is therefore often preferred‘Ostertag said. “The study situation is excellent, the effectiveness is convincing.

More information on allergies at https://at.klarify.me/

There is also a written interview with Prim. Pietro Ostertag. If you are interested, please contact leeb.elisabeth@aon.at / 0699/1 424 7779!


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