Kia Niro Plus: electric taxi with a high roof

The Kia Niro will be replaced, but the Koreans continue to build the first generation. Like the Niro Plus, it goes up with a high roof for a special purpose.

The new Kia Niro has already been unveiled and mid-year the extensively revised second generation of the compact crossover will celebrate its market launch as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric car. No reason for the predecessor to say goodbye to the old part smoothly.

With the Niro, Kia is starting its strategy of offering special purpose vehicles (“purpose built vehicles, PBVs) in addition to the regular model range, a specially developed midsize electric car, and now the Niro Plus.

Niro Plus with higher roof

The replaced Korean earned the additional name with a roof that is eight centimeters higher. The steep rear end also allows the Kia Niro to grow an inch in length. In combination with thinner door panels and other seats, the interior space should significantly increase relative to the base.

This brings us to the special purpose of Kia Niro Plus. It starts as an electric version in South Korea as a taxi and version for driving service providers. The infotainment display has also been adapted for this purpose, here you can now also view information from the taximeter and other driving-related content.

“With the realignment of its business strategy, Kia is focusing on adopting electric vehicles and launching new mobility products tailored to user needs in markets around the world,” said Sangdae Kim, Head of Kia’s Light Electric Business Unit Commercial vehicles. “The Niro Plus is our first step into the PBV (‘Purpose-Built-Vehicles’) world, a market with great development potential.”

Export not excluded

The electric-powered Kia Niro Plus hasn’t just managed to score points with taxi drivers in South Korea. Mercedes-Benz will discontinue taxi packages for the popular E-Class from 2023, many purely electric taxis are very expensive. With a relatively low price, Kia could score here. The manufacturer, in fact, does not rule out exporting the Niro Plus. In markets outside of Korea, it will also be offered as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Versions are also being studied as a small car transporter that can be used as a car on weekends or as a “leisure vehicle”.

The second generation of the Kia Niro will be launched on the market in mid-2022. The compact crossover is again available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and purely electric car.


Second career for the replaced Kia Niro: it starts with the name Niro Plus and high roof as an electric taxi in Korea. It is also possible to export the “new old” as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid, depending on the market.

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