Kehl plans Rose-Haaland’s decision next week

Sebastian Kehl’s statements about Marco Rose’s future caused a sensation. After the match against Greuther Fürth (3: 1), the BVB manager felt compelled to find clear words. And Kehl also took a stand on the subject again the next day.

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In the “double pass” of “Sport1”, Dortmund’s future sporting director said when asked: “I can clearly say that it was very poorly formulated on my part and without too many intentions. But I can also say clearly that I am planning the season with Marco, who at the moment we are discussing everything together in view of the transfer issues.

However, in view of the disappointing season in cup competition, Kehl followed suit: “But we will also sit down after the season because we also have some things to discuss and certainly some critical things to analyze. And then I hope we can do better together in the new season ”.

Haaland’s decision is approaching

Kehl also had to comment on Dortmund’s other ongoing topic: Erling Haaland. There have been rumors about the future of the starting forward for months and now a decision is in sight. “I think we will have clarity on this in the next week”according to Kehl.

The 42-year-old openly admits that this likely means Haaland will leave BVB: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on.” More recently, Real Madrid and Manchester City have been considered the hottest contenders.

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