JB Spielwaren – Live & Color: The LEGO Live Shopping Event today from 7pm

LEGO jb Toys live shopping event

Update (June 11, 5:33 pm): Today from 7pm the second live shopping event will take place at JB Spielwaren, this time with a focus on LEGO Star Wars and no guests, just with Hendrik and Philipp. From what we understand, we’ll be focusing primarily on content themes, custom minifigures, and smaller giveaways, so you probably don’t expect extreme offers here.

JB Spielwaren has given us some bullet points for tonight that you can use to decide if you want to tune in tonight:

We will probably not be able to accompany the event live tonight due to lack of time, but if you are interested in the subject, please take a look – if there are any particularly advantageous offers, of course we will report it again via Telegram push message .

Update (May 28, 18:59): Here we are! Here you come to the flow.

Original post (May 28): Tonight begins the “JB – Live and in Color!” at JB Spielwaren live streaming on the JB Spielwaren website. This is something of a live shopping event, but it should also focus on exciting content and not just discount battles. I am also present as a moderator for two small segments and I can introduce you to two thematic worlds.

Live streaming starts here on JB Spielwaren’s website at 7pm. The format, which will probably take place even more frequently in the future, therefore celebrates its premiere today. On the one hand, of course, it should also be shopping (after all it is also a live shopping event), but there should also be “new” sets presented and in addition to I (luca) is, for example, also Benedikt aka Brickstory as a guest, of course Hendrik and Philipp of JB Toys it will moderate a lot.

Unlike other well-known LEGO live shopping events, it will likely be a bit more varied in terms of themes. There will be some interesting promotions and, as far as I know, the quota is not as limited with other promotions of this type, although the prices will probably not be that extremely low.

We can tell you some highlights of the offers in advance:

Ninjago City Gardens will likely be available again at a great price and for LEGO Ninjago fans it will be a “Mega-Mystery-Package “also Gratisbeigabe to give. There will also be offers and various GWPs for other thematic worlds.

Incidentally, new LEGO Star Wars novelties are available at JB Toys since yesterday, so you can already get the LEGO 75335 BD-1 from Jedi: Fallen Order for a 10% discount plus an exclusive Cal Kestis Cutom minifigure. These promotions are sure to be a topic again tonight at JB Spielwaren’s LEGO Live Shopping Event.

Here are some important words about the ordering processbecause here you have to weigh things up a bit: in JB Spielwaren, two factors (rather unfavorable for a live shopping event) meet: Shipping costs are EUR 4.99 per order and the shopping cart cannot reserve the goods you have entered. According to JB Toys it is but there are enough goods available for almost all itemsto be able to serve all customers throughout the course of the event, however, sometimes, in exceptional cases, this can go wrong.

For you, this means in simple terms: you have to consider whether you want to collect the entire event for your goods in the cart and then order all at once or if you place several single orders. In the first scenario you unfortunately risk that the items are out of stock and in the second scenario you unfortunately have to pay the shipping costs several times. Unfortunately, this is not technically possible at the moment.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s live shopping event and hope to give you a proper introduction to the new Jurassic World and new LEGO Harry Potter sets. If you are also watching and want to support us with your purchase, we would of course be happy if you use one of our affiliate links to the shop before the purchase event – thank you very much! 🙂

Tonight will you tune into JB Spielwaren’s LEGO Live Shopping event or is live shopping not your thing? Do you have any questions before the event starts? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments so that we can clarify any ambiguities in advance.

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