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Whether it’s workshop or parking bills – driving a car is getting more and more expensive. Not to mention the fuel. But anger alone doesn’t help. Because you too can save. These tips prove it.

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Smart repair is often the best repair method, the right tire pressure saves fuel, and some apps can even make driving more economical. Here are nine simple tips.

Full to the brim during off-peak hours

Don’t fill up in the morning. Why then are they fuel prices usually the highest. Petrol and diesel are generally cheaper in the evening after 6pm. Prices sometimes fluctuate up to ten cents per liter. The cheapest fuel prices can be found via portals and apps. That Federal Cartel Office has listed matching apps online, all of which access real-time data from the cartel office.

workshop binding

be who Car after damage in one of the insurance chosen workshop repaired can save on the annual fee. You can save up to 20 percent compared to the normal rate of the fully comprehensive insurance. It should be noted, however, that this only applies to self-inflicted damages paid for by your insurance. In the event of an accident not attributable to you, you are free to choose a workshop. Then the opponent pays liability insurance the damage.

Fuel-efficient driving

Too low air pressure has a negative effect on fuel consumption. Already 0.5 bar too little air can den fuel consumption increase by about five percent. An unused roof rack and other unnecessary weights also increase fuel consumption. Another possible fuel consumption is improperly adjusted fuel consumption air conditioning.

Prepare the main inspection (HU) well.

Who things like lights, brakes, horns and tires up front main inspection checked personally, there is less risk of having to go to the inspection center a second time. However, nearly one in four cars fail the test. And a review costs more time and more money.

Compare roadside assistance costs

For those who travel a lot, roadside assistance can be provided by a automobile club be a worthwhile investment. According to a comparison by “Finanztip”, however, the price differences are considerable and vary between 49 and 94 euros per year for a season ticket valid for Europe.

change insurance

Similarly to electricity and gas suppliers, it also makes sense for insurance companies to check costs regularly. However, it is best to compare the rate in the fall and cancel by the end of November at the latest, because auto insurance usually starts on January 1st. For a complete picture, it makes sense to use both online comparison calculators and to get offers from direct insurers.

Optimize your parking rates

Parking can be expensive, especially in urban centers. It is annoying when you are charged for every hour started, even if the hour is not fully used up. Here, apps like Easypark or Parknow are useful, where you can preset the estimated parking time. However, you only pay for the time actually used.

Smart repair

Minor scratches or dents can often be removed with little effort, without having to replace the fender or paint the entire door. Bumper Example: While painting can quickly cost 500 euros or more, you often pay less than 150 euros for a professional smart repair method. And the result is quite comparable.

Fill up on electricity for free

According to the portal, many discounters offer free charging points for electric cars. In addition, many hardware stores and all Ikea homes are equipped with free charging stations. The directory of charging stations on offers a good overview: here you can narrow your search to free charging points.

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