ITA flies across the Atlantic after collision in New York

NEW YORK – An ITA Airways Airbus A330-200 crashes into an Air France Boeing 777-200ER en route from the gate to the runway of the New York JFK. Air France pilots immediately report the collision to air traffic control. However, the ITA crew allows them to start first and then go their separate ways.

“We are in position 9, an Alitalia has just passed us and touched our plane. Tell them not to take off!”

Although Alitalia is now called ITA Airways – the urgent message from the cockpit of Air France 008 leaves little room for interpretation: an Airbus A330-200 with passengers on board is going to the runway – and it is better to stop after the collision.

The ground controller digs deeper, the Air France crew insists: “It would be better to stop the take-off.”

Now the controller does not know who he is actually talking to: “Where are you, Alitalia”. – “This is Air France 008 – we have damage to our plane from an Alitalia that passed us in position 9” – “Are you sure it was an Alitalia?” – “Yes, that was Alitalia” – “Air France, where are you?” – “At gate number 9.”

Radio traffic on the incident in New York JFK, © YSL

Precious minutes pass, the ground controller finally directs the Air France pilots to the tower. Meanwhile, ITA Flight 611 is long in the air.

“Negative, sir”

The A330-200 is uphill from New York as the tower informs ITA pilots of the signal.

JFK Tower: “Air France says you hit them while taxiing. Do you notice any damage to the plane?”

ITA 611: “Negative, sir.”

JFK Tower: “Okay, just checking and making sure.”

After landing in Rome, the ITA A330-200 EI-EJL remained on the ground for 46 hours. The Air France 777-200ER F-GSPQ has not departed from New York since the accident of June 17, 2022. The accident is now being investigated.

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