Is this why Russell gets more from Hamilton’s Mercedes?

( – After four races and a sprint, George Russell has 49 points in the 2022 Formula 1 season and is fourth in the World Championship. Lewis Hamilton has only 29 points. In the qualifying duel the score is 2: 2, in the race duel Russell even has a 3: 1 advantage within the Mercedes. Something not many pundits expected against a seven-time world champion.

Giorgio Russel

George Russell gets along better with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes


Now there is a theory as to why this could be: “Experts are currently arguing a bit about whether George’s time at Williams has been good and whether he can get more out of material that isn’t necessarily competitive and not good for the former. 3. This has brought a lot with it in recent years to Williams, it can be a good thing “, speculates Alexander Bodo in the” Sky F1 Analysis “after Imola.

Bodo is next to the Mercedes. In his job as a race strategist he works with the current Formula 1 teams and as the CEO of Paceteq he also supports the current Grand Prix teams with data analysis. Bodo was recently a guest at the table of regular members of the YouTube channel There he talked at length about his work of him.

In Imola in particular, the difference in performance between Russell and Hamilton is easy to explain, Bodo analyzes: “If you are in the lead, in the top 3, in the top 4, or like Russell in fifth position for a long time, it is easier to drive. You fight, you don’t go out with others, you can take off your boot.

“Lewis loses three to four seconds during the pit stop, he stays there in this group, surrounded by three or four drivers. He can’t go forward, he can’t go back and then not much happens. You don’t move much when the car isn’t. it’s necessarily better than those around it. I think that makes a difference, “said the ‘Sky’ expert. (VIEW: buy Sky now and experience all the races live and without commercial interruptions!)

Glock: Hamilton has no faith in the car

In a recent video on the YouTube channel, “Sky” expert Timo Glock also talks about Hamilton’s predicament. Glock acknowledged, he says, that Hamilton “simply lacks self-confidence in the car and Russell can handle it a little better at the moment. But of course Russell also says the car is hard to drive.”

Russell: Used to the bad Williams cars?

Alexander Bodo, a race strategist very close to Mercedes, analyzes why George Russell does better with Lewis Hamilton’s W13. More Formula 1 videos

Hamilton is currently in a situation where he has to fight opponents like Lance Stroll for 14th or 15th place “because Mercedes simply lacks top speed, performance is a bit lacking”, “in a situation where he finds himself. They haven’t known it for seven or eight years. It’s just something new to him, “says Glock.

But the 37-year-old is far from losing his passion for racing. Bodo reveals: “As you can hear, he often drives in the simulator.” That “wasn’t necessarily everyday life” at Mercedes for the past seven years. It’s no secret that Hamilton prefers racing and is less keen on testing and sitting in the simulator.

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