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Chest pain is not only annoying, it is also threatening. After all, that’s where the heart is. But there are also other organs in the chest, such as the lungs or the esophagus. Chest pain can therefore have many causes. So when exactly should you see a doctor? What pain is harmless and when is it life-threatening?

If there are signs of acute heart attack, eg. intense pain, often radiating to the left breast, with shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness and blue colored lips, you should immediately call the emergency doctor. In women, the pain may not be limited to the left side alone. They are more likely to have chest tightness and pain in the upper abdomen, back, neck, jaw or throat, particularly nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath.

But the same goes for all other types of chest pain – it’s better to go to the doctor too often than too late. Especially patients who often suffer from chest pain, for example due to reflux disease, easily neglect when the pain is different. It is therefore especially important for them, but also for everyone else, to pay attention to the type and intensity, as well as any other complaints.

Accompanying symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, sleepiness, sweating, rapid heartbeat, heartburn, or anxiety provide the doctor with information that is important for the diagnosis. In addition, various tests such as ECG, X-rays and ultrasounds, as well as stomach and / or lung tests can provide important information about the origin of the symptoms. But even if the heart is affected, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a heart attack. In any case, however, the cause must be clarified to have clarity and cure the disease as soon as possible.

Dr Ulrike Trepte, Senior Physician in the Cardiology Department of Wertach Clinics, will give a lecture in the Singoldhalle in Bobingen on 6 July at 7:30 pm on the causes, diagnostics and treatment of chest pain.

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