INHABIT! 1: 0! Harenbrock scores for Rot-Weiss Essen, Cologne leads Munster

Essen / Münster.
Who gets promoted to 3rd division? Rot-Weiss Essen or Prussia Münster? On Saturday there will be a long-distance duel to decide. The live ticker.

37 days of play have been completed in the Regionalliga West, a decision has not been made. As well as Red and white food as well as Prussia Munster they are tied before the final day, RWE has a slightly better goal difference.

Here is the Reviersport live ticker:

Essen – Ahlen 1: 0
Munster – Cologne II 0: 1

This Saturday from 2 pm it will be decided who will be promoted to the 3rd division. RWE welcomes Rot Weiss Ahlen, Münster receives 1. FC Köln II All of Essen are on their feet on this special day. You can find our ticker on what’s happening in the game here.

Team boss Jörn Nowak, who celebrated a clear 3-0 win over Rödinghausen on his Lotte debut, is counting on the same side as last week. Only the injured Thomas Eisfeld needs to be replaced. Luca Dürholtz takes his place on the team.

Rot-Weiss Essen vs Rot Weiss Ahlen: the formations

Red and white food: Golz – Plechaty, Heber, Bastians, Herzenbruch – Tarnat, Dürholtz – Young, Harenbrock, Kefkir – Engelmann.

Bank: Koczor, Langesberg, Kesim, Janjic, Kleinsorge, Krasniqi, Rios Alonso, Sauerland, Rüth.

red white awls: Velichkov – Kahlert, Twardzik, Holldack, Marzullo, Ivan, Zuhs, Pihl, Mai, Wiesweg, Francis.

Bank: Szczepankiewicz, Lindner, Eickhoff, Marcino, Osmani, Mamutovic, Gueye, Benning, Marino, Efe Bayaki.

Referee: Niklas Dardenne.

Rot-Weiss Essen and Preußen Münster: the background of the weekend of the regional championship final:

Here is the Reviersport live ticker:

Essen – Ahlen 0: 0
Munster – Cologne II 0: 0

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