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The rising inflation rate is causing a lot of problems for consumers. Everyday products have become much more expensive. At 7.9 percent, May’s inflation rate was the highest since 1973. A random sample shows the impact this is having on food prices.

Consumer portal randomly analyzed which products saw their prices rise particularly sharply in less than 2 months.

  • In 1st place: organic butter
    With a 30.57 percent price increase, organic butter ranks first in the inflation ranking. Here the price went from € 2.29 to € 2.99.
  • 2nd place: Sliced ​​salami
    During the observation period, the price rose from EUR 1.39 to EUR 1.79, an increase of 28.78%.
  • In 3rd place: shampoo
    500ml of private label shampoo cost € 0.75 in March and May. already 0.95 euros. The price increased by 26.67%.
  • 4th place: Black Forest ham
    The price of the product has increased from 1.19 EUR to 1.49 EUR, which is 25.21% higher.
  • In 5th place: middle-aged Gouda
    300 grams of cheese cost € 1.99 in March and € 2.49 in May, 25.13% more.

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Inflation: highest rate in nearly 50 years

For the ranking, the prices of more than 50 private label products in a randomly selected Berlin discount store were collected on March 23, 2022 and May 19, 2022.

Other products with strong price increases were

  • Liver Sauces +18.35 percent
  • Oatmeal + 16.95 percent
  • Whipped cream + 14.49%.
  • Toilet paper +14.49 percent
  • and organic orange juice +14.39 percent.

At 7.9 per cent, the inflation rate in May was the highest in West Germany since 1973. Further price increases are expected in the coming months.

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