Immune system: how to strengthen your immune system

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Immune system: how to strengthen your immune system

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A finely balanced system of immune cells and messenger substances ensures that we are not helplessly exposed to pathogens. What can we do for our immune system.

Our body has to constantly attacks from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens, which we usually defeat thanks to our body’s defenses. A finely balanced system Cells, messengers and antibodies is responsible for defending against these threats. This shows what our defense stresses and what makes it strong Health magazine “Apotheken Umschau”.

Two non-alcoholic days a week

To create the defenses to create Illnesses – such as the acquired immunodeficiency AIDS, which is triggered by the HI viruses. But poorly controlled diabetes or severe obesity also compromise the immune system. Smoking is also very harmful to the immune system. So Tobacco poisons influence cells in defense against pathogens. Doctors also recommend, at least in view of the immune system two days without alcohol per week to be respected.

If you move enough, you are doing a lot of good for your immune system. Some studies show beneficial effects of sport on immune cells. Other studies show that regular physical activity reduces the risk of respiratory infections and even pneumonia. they are also important vaccinations: They specifically arm the immune system against certain pathogens, such as influenza and coronavirus, and minimize the risk of severe cases.

Always relax during the day

Another positive factor for the immune system is recreation care – for example getting enough sleep. As studies have shown, this reduces the risk of colds and other infections. It is also advisable to relax again and again during the day, because chronic stress weakens the immune system. Even one balanced diet it is important for the immune system. Contains lots of vegetables, no red meat and just a little poultry, healthy fats like olive oil, whole-wheat baked goods, and as little added sugar as possible.

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