I’m pregnant and can’t quit smoking – you can

If you are thinking “I am pregnant and still cannot quit smoking”, consider the benefits you can bring to your child by at least trying to quit.

“I’m pregnant and I can’t quit smoking”: what to do anyway

Quitting smoking is anything but easy. However, if you are pregnant, quitting smoking is of the utmost importance not only for your health but also for that of your baby.

  • Imagine the benefits of quitting smoking. Among other things, you can drastically improve your health, but also the starting condition of your baby.
  • Quitting smoking reduces both the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.
  • You can also reduce the chance of premature birth by up to half. This also gives your baby a better chance of being born healthy and of normal weight.
  • The lungs can also develop fully at birth and provide the baby with sufficient oxygen.
  • Furthermore, the frequency of allergic reactions or infectious diseases in the baby is reduced if smoking is stopped during pregnancy.

This is how it works when you go out

Once you realize the many benefits of a smoke-free life for your child, you may find it a little easier to quit.

  • Set a day on which you want to quit smoking. This way you can prepare for the move. It’s best to tell others about your plans so they can support you in your project.
  • After quitting, drink plenty of mineral water, tea, or fruit juice. The liquid removes the nicotine from the body. You should also make small fruit and vegetable snacks to counter any cravings.
  • If you still feel like smoking a cigarette, try putting off smoking until later. If you don’t give in to the desire right away, the need may be gone after a few minutes.
  • If not, try breathing exercises to relax yourself.
  • Distraction or enjoyment of other things like chewing gum or the like can also relieve the acute craving.

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