If you have no cash: hardly anyone knows about this alternative to the EC card

Only cash is real, this is currently the case with many people who shop every day. The reason for this is the ongoing problem with card payments. But there is another alternative to cash in many supermarkets that many shoppers overlook.

In the case of large supermarket chains, payment usually also works through internal apps. They don’t need the payment terminals currently in trouble, but they handle everything via direct debit.

Here’s how it works: numbers with the Supermakt app

Payment methods that do not require a terminal continue to work as an alternative to cash.

Image: Lidl

The process is very similar in all supermarkets. Scan your goods yourself or do it at the classic checkout, then call up the relevant supermarket app.

Usually a QR or PIN code is displayed there. Scan it yourself or type it or let the cashier staff do it for you.

For this to work, you must always explicitly set up the payment function in the app and deposit your bank account, because billing is done as a SEPA direct debit. The amount to be paid will then be debited from the account.

Important: Not all branches support app payments, so don’t blindly rely on mobile payment anywhere.

The feature is currently offered by Edeka, Netto and Lidl with their apps, among others. You can also use the Payback app to make contactless payments at REWE, dm, Alnatura, Aral and PENNY.

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