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The Monk was not at all shocked at first, he continued to play happily forward, but found less and less means against the attentive polar bears. Consequently, Kai Wissmann said he was satisfied even during the third break at the MagentaSport microphone: “We work hard at the bottom, all five of us. Nobody leaves the zone until the puck is out.” Once a striker passed and shot on goal, over and over there seemed to be no way around yet another outstanding Eisbären goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger.

Polar bears are ruthlessly effective

An image that continued in the second third. Furthermore, little has happened in the neutral zone and a lot in front of their respective doors. But as the polar bears continued to hold zero in the back, they hit frost in the front. And with an incessant double whammy. Nielsen (25th) and Noebels (26th) also showed their individual class and efficiency. Above all, Marcel Noebels’ 3-0 long-range goal, which hit the inside of the post and from there into the goal with the utmost precision, was of the highest quality. And as Mathias Niederberger once again smashes a top-notch player in the 35th minute, Nielsen deflects decisively and leads the 4-0 just before the end of the second period. A success that left Munich visibly shocked.

In addition to Monaco’s almost existing belief in a turnaround, polar bears also played him sovereign in the last third. The guests had everything under control without taking too many risks. Sometimes they chose a calm play structure from behind, sometimes they simply chased the puck forward to relieve themselves in order to regroup on the defensive. The last minutes of this decisive final match became a kind of spectacle for the old and new champions of Germany, who even managed to score into an empty net in the last minute.

Polar bears break the record

By winning the title again, the polar bears now have a total of nine championships in the DEL, founded in 1994. This means that the Berliners are still the record winners ahead of Adler Mannheim with seven wins. This year’s success in the final series is also notable because manager Serge Aubin’s team faced their first final match the next day after the semi-final series against Mannheim. But last but not least, the experience of each of the 14 Eisbären professionals who were able to bring the championship to Berlin last year, as well as an exceptional defense by the exceptional goalkeeper Niederberger, who was without a goal for more than 100 minutes in the final series. , in the end it made a difference.

Show: rbb24, May 4, 2022, 10pm

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