HSV: serious accusations against boss Thomas Wüstefeld – 2nd Bundesliga

Serious allegations against HSV’s financial boss Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld (53)!

The “Hamburger Abendblatt” reports claims for millions against the Medsan company in Wüstefeld and possible legal disputes.

What’s the problem?

► A medical technology company ordered 2,000 PCR test devices from Medsan and paid € 5.5 million for them. However, only 28 were handed over. A letter from a lawyer to Wüstefeld is said to refer to “deception”. The company is now requesting € 32 million from the Wüstefeld-based company because it already had buyers for the PCR devices.

► Another German company also complains of a non-delivery, for which no cash flow was made.

► Wüstefeld also owes a “considerable sum” to a Chinese company.

Wüstefeld denies all allegations. In the case of the PCR 2000 test devices, by contrast, his company Medsan also filed a complaint against the acquiring company.

spicy: The Abendblatt also cites WhatsApp messages that are said to come from former senior employees of Wüstefeld. There he says you want to protect people from “Dr. Wüstefeld unscrupulously lied, deceived permanently, deceived, deceived and then robbed and robbed”.

Wüstefeld: “These are irrelevant allegations, probably from a former coach.”

One thing is clear: if the allegations against Wüstefeld are true, HSV is unlikely to keep him as CFO (term expires in January). And even as a shareholder it would hardly be sustainable.

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