How you can use your smartphone to prevent heart attacks

Did you know that the age of your heart doesn’t necessarily match your actual age? And the condition of the organ has a significant impact on the risk of heart attack! Thankfully, there’s now an app that lets you calculate that risk!

This new smartphone program developed by medical professionals proves that some apps can actually help positively influence our daily life and our lives.

Determine your heart age with your smartphone

The health of your heart doesn’t just depend on the actual age of your body. Many other factors can affect the performance of the vital organ. However, measuring and keeping an eye on them isn’t easy.

But now there is a mobile app that can do just that for you. The “HerzFit-App” of the German Heart Foundation analyzes and determines the age of your heart. To do this, it evaluates data such as blood pressure, heart rate, LDL cholesterol, long-term blood sugar, and weight and uses them to calculate an individual’s risk of suffering a heart attack.

The latter has been one of the most common causes of death in Germany in recent years. Preventing heart attacks is therefore an important goal of medicine.

Prevent heart attacks with an app

The “HerzFit App” not only helps you calculate your heart’s risk level, but also offers some tips tailored for you to prevent a heart attack.

After all, a bad result on your Risk Score doesn’t mean you have to bury your head in the sand. Instead, it’s just a sign that you should be doing more for yourself and your heart.

Reduce your risk of heart attack with these tips

In addition to detailed information on sports exercises and proper nutrition, the app also includes advice on stress and quitting smoking – a whole range of aids to improve the health of your heart.

And best of all: the program is now available for free in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Just give it a try!

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