How to connect the navigation system to the handlebar

The Lemego holder is waterproof and comes with a small carrying case. Put the keys next to your cell phone. Credit cards, charging cables or the key close at hand on the handlebar. Such a bag is especially practical for long bike tours.

The mobile phone is protected from rain and dirt in the pocket. You can operate it through the plastic case. However, be prepared that it will be a little tricky. The plastic coating irritates the touchscreen. According to the manufacturer, the zippers should also be waterproof so that moisture cannot enter the bag. There is a small sunshade on the top so that you can see the display well even in the sun. The holder is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of up to 45 millimeters.

Conclusion: the best mobile phone holder for the bike

Our advice is the stable one Quadlock attack, which is available in different versions and holds the mobile securely on the handlebar. The snap system is particularly easy to use in everyday life. However, you also need the right cover.

The da holder is a bit cheaper SP Connect, where you already have everything in one set, including a cell phone case with you. If you want to charge your mobile phone on the go, the bike mount SKS Compit + with power bank a good choice. These models with an additional case hold the phone more securely.

It should rather be a universal holder without an additional cell phone case, they are economic supports, such as those recommended by Grefay. If you also want a bag, get one Lemego’s bracket.

Cheaper media

If you’re looking for a cheap universal holder, we show you more current pricing tips here.

Things worth knowing about bicycle phone holders

What should you pay attention to during assembly?

Stable mounting is the key. If the holder is not tight, the phone will swing and dangle on the handlebar after each hole. Many manufacturers include rubber bands to better adjust the handlebar mount.

If you have a particularly large mobile, you should also check in advance if the display size is suitable. Most media will fit the usual sizes up to 6.5 inches.

Which cover fits my handlebar?

While the diameter of the handlebar is an important factor when it comes to phone mounts, in most cases you don’t have to worry about the mount won’t fit. As is often the case, there is a common standard size for dumbbells. It is 25.4 mm (1 inch) and is common to almost all city and trekking bikes. Other sizes are only used for special racing handlebars or mountain bikes.

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