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The omcron BA.5 sub-variant is dominant in Germany. The risk of corona variant infection is high. But what is the incubation period like?

Berlin – Omikron has the world, Europe and therefore also Germany firmly under control. The Corona variant already has five sub-variants, some of which are more widespread, others less extensively. The main focus is currently on the Omikron BA.5, which transfers even more easily and quickly than previous Omikron subvariants or the Delta variant. But how long does the contagion period last before the first symptoms appear after an infection? How many days is the incubation period for Omikron BA.5?

Incubation period for Omikron BA.5: how many days is the corona variant contagion period?

In principle, it can and should be assumed that there are different incubation times for coronavirus in general and for omcron subvariants in particular during the infection period. Science collects relevant data by the piece, but valid information and certainties sometimes take a little longer. This also applies to Omicron BA.5 incubation period investigations.

Omikron BA.5: The incubation period of the contagious corona variant can last up to 14 days
Omikron BA.5: The incubation period of the contagious corona variant can last up to 14 days. © Christian Charisius / dpa / imago / Montage

In general, an incubation period of five to six days is assumed for the coronavirus. But the incubation period for the omicron BA.1 variant – the time from transmission to disease onset – is also estimated to be significantly shorter. According to various studies, the average is three days. But what does this mean for the Omikron BA.5 incubation period?

Omicron BA.5: incubation period, symptoms – this is what you need to know about the infection

In fact, the Covid-19 incubation period can last up to 14 days. In a normal course, however, the contagiousness decreases again after about ten days. Anyone who has a severe course, for example after an Omikron BA.5 infection and is not vaccinated, is contagious for a long time to come.

What symptoms indicate an Omikron BA.5 infection?

According to the current state of knowledge, people infected with Omikron BA.5 seem to complain more of cough as a symptom. Similar to what happens with bronchitis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), specialists are currently studying how Omikron BA.5 differs from previous variants in terms of the rate of spread and course of the disease. The picture of the course of the disease should be sharpened in a timely manner.

The specific duration of the incubation period of Omikron BA.5 is still speculated. Regarding the time of contagion of the omicron sub-variant, the experts point out that in the past different incubation times have been found between the subtypes of omicron BA.1 and BA.2. It is therefore assumed that the incubation period of the ommicron BA.5 subvariant can again be defined by deviations. It is also suspected that symptoms after an Omikron BA.5 infection may only appear after a week.

Omikron BA.5: “More deadly” than the Alpha and Delta variants? Explains the virologist

Of course, the question of the danger of Omikron BA.5 to humans still remains. As the Independent reports, scientists are already concerned that the Omicron subvariants, most notably Omicron BA.4 and BA.5, would resemble the more “deadly” Alpha and Delta variants.

Eventually, the omicron subvariants would evolve to hit the lungs again and overcome immunity. Experts do not rule out the possibility that Omikron BA.5 mortality may increase again. “It is entirely possible that the current increase will continue for a while and also lead to an increase in deaths, as can be seen in Portugal,” virologist Friedemann Weber told Focus Online.

Vaccinations and immunity as a panacea against the Omikron BA.5 corona wave

But Weber also knows how to limit the Omikron BA.5. The virologist does not assume that the omicron sub-variant will exceed the level of the previous corona waves: “Thanks to vaccinations and also due to previous infections, we have a certain population immunity and are therefore far from the magnitudes of winter 2020/21”, observes Weber .

This gives hope for the omicron BA.5 subvariant, which should not be taken lightly. The best thing to do is listen to your body, be safe, get a citizen test, which is no longer free, and trust the scientific findings related to Omikron BA.5.

Omicron BA.5: do infections recovered with BA.1 and BA.2 protect against new infection?

Anyone who had hoped that infections with Omikron BA.1 or BA.2 that had already healed would protect against an infection with Omikron BA.5, the scientists from Göttingen will take the wind off their sails. It is not so. Mutations modify the spike protein of the ommicron BA.5 sub-variant, which means that the risk of infection is and remains high.

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