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Regular exercise and dietary changes don’t always help you lose weight. Medical therapies from a doctor can help.

It is not always possible to reduce weight to the desired extent despite adequate diet and sufficient exercise. An imbalance in hormone balance is more often responsible for the reduced success in weight loss. If there is too much estrogen, cortisol or testosterone in the body, weight loss is often unsuccessful.

Hormones for weight loss: that’s what’s behind it

sport, sufficient exercise, Fasting at intervals – none of this shows any success. The weight reduction you desire simply won’t happen. Many of those affected become desperate and often don’t even know that their hormone balance is likely to blame for the lack of fat burning. What’s behind it?

If cortisol release is permanently too high, fat burning can be impaired. In order for metabolism to function optimally and fat burning to function at full speed, a balance is required between the hunger hormone ghrelin and leptin. The natural (hormonal) appetite suppressant leptin ensures that the body feels full. If people who want to lose weight have leptin resistance, the feeling of hunger remains constant, despite the elevated leptin levels.

Hormone therapy can help with weight loss

Wer lose weight medically If you want, you can seek hormone experts. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is used as a form of therapy. The hormone is known mainly from pregnancy. The body of expectant mothers produces the hormone to release fat stores, to provide the body with more energy.

Through the targeted mobilization of fat reserves by the hormone, alleged problem areas are also attacked (e.g. stubborn fat deposits on the hips or thighs). Another advantage: during the administration of HCG, the connective tissue or muscle mass are not negatively affected.

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that if you lack protein supplementation and targeted strength units, muscle mass breaks down quickly.

This is how the medically supervised weight loss process takes place

That Lose weight with a doctor is based on a complete medical history and careful monitoring throughout the treatment period. First, in-depth examinations are carried out: blood sampling, preliminary examinations with discussion of the results and definition of the therapeutic goal.

After the conversation, the attending physician issues a prescription for the weight loss hormone, which can be conveniently taken at home. Your doctor will provide advice and information on optimal administration and intake during the examination.

When can the first results of hormone therapy be seen?

Dissatisfaction and impatience are often great when conventional weight loss concepts haven’t worked. How fast is weight loss success achieved by taking hormones? Depending on the starting weight, patients lose a lot of weight, especially in the first 8-12 weeks. Those with a high starting weight will lose much more than patients with a lower starting weight.

Therapy can be continued with the physician’s consent until the desired BMI is achieved. Sometimes it happens that patients do not respond to the hormone therapy approach. You lose weight much more slowly or even stagnate after a short time. If so, doctors stop therapy after up to twelve weeks.

A doctor can help you lose weight, especially through hormone therapy.Image: © DarkoStojanovic CCO in the public domain

Side effects of hormone depletion therapy

With conventional weight reduction, many test people usually feel listless, prone to headaches or listlessness. Side effects of hormone therapy usually only occur occasionally. Some patients tend to have a sensitive stomach and a proverbial feeling of fullness. However, this body reaction is positive because it shows that the hormones are actually working.

Hormones AND diet food – does it have to be?

Diet food causes discomfort to many patients because it often leaves a huge feeling of hunger and is expensive. Do participants in hormone therapy actually have to resort to diet foods? No, a strict diet is not necessary, although a healthy diet can have a more positive effect on the result. It involves balanced eating habits and adequate fluid intake.

If you drink too little, you can inhibit the breakdown of fat cells. We recommend at least 1.5 liters per day for adults. Those who are physically active also increase fat metabolism. In order for substances to be transported optimally, the body needs a lot of fluid intake.

Who pays for hormone treatment for weight loss?

In Austria, more than 580,000 women and over 600,000 men suffer from obesity. One in two citizens in Austria is now overweight. the Causes of overweight The main reasons for this are lack of exercise, stressful daily life and an unbalanced diet. Increasingly, processed foods instead of fresh fruit and vegetables are determining the menu.

Anyone suffering from obesity can be financed in individual cases by health insurance. When it comes to hormone therapy, the costs often have to be borne by the patients themselves. The first visit costs 250 euros if wisely combined with the free annual health visit.

Those who cannot take advantage of the subsidy pay a one-off fee of 350 euros for the initial exam. Hormones cost around € 217 per month. Depending on the individual dosage, the price can vary. With a twelve-week treatment, the total hormone costs could be around 700 euros as part of the patient’s costs.

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