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• Another US streaming provider is coming to Europe
• Retirement of several hit series from Netflix?
• Will streaming become expensive if customers have to subscribe to more services?

At the “NEM Dubrovnik” conference, AMC manager Levente Málnay confirmed that the AMC + streaming service is coming to Europe and will feature numerous American series and local productions.

The hit series from Netflix and Co. will be on AMC + in the future

The famous American series belong to the pay TV broadcaster AMC, so a retirement of content from Netflix would be more than likely. As in the example of the Disney + shows, the series are withdrawn from the competition as soon as a rights holder launches their streaming service, GIGA reports. In the future, customers will have to pay for different streaming offers or make a selection. It is highly likely that hit series such as “The Walking Dead”, “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” will migrate to the AMC + portfolio.

However, we will not try to catch up with big suppliers like Netflix, Disney + or Paramount, but rather focus on a balanced selection of successful American series and (for the time being) not invest in big series productions. As TBI Television Business International writes, according to its own statements, AMC + will only show the “good things” in Central and Eastern Europe, just like in the United States.

The plan is to launch AMC + in Central and Eastern Europe in the first quarter of 2023. The offering is expected to initially be available in Eastern Europe, as AMC has had an outpost there for 8 years. It is not yet known when the streaming service provider will arrive in Germany and whether there will be an inclusive package with Sky or an additional option. editorial staff

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