Hidden functions in the smartphone: here’s how to use the secret codes of the mobile phone!

With secret codes, you can access the hidden functions of your smartphone at the speed of light. An overview of keyboard shortcuts.

Germany – Activate call forwarding, change your PIN code, knock callers: with small codes that many people do not yet know, you can start or recall practical functions on your mobile phone.

Just type instead of browsing the menus for a long time: with the secret codes you can access the hidden functions of your smartphone in a flash. (Iconic image) © 123RF / Vadym Drobot

The corresponding code is simply entered as a phone number, then the call button (usually green) is pressed. Practical: Codes can be used with all mobile phones, smartphones, network operators and mobile phone operators alike.

Give it a go.

Here are the most important codes:

# 06 #

With this code you can view the serial number of your mobile, the so-called IMEI. It is important, for example, if your mobile phone has been stolen: write it down!

* 135 #

Don’t remember your phone number? With this code it is displayed on the mobile phone display.

# 31 #[Rufnummer]

With this code in front of a telephone number, you deactivate the transmission of your mobile number for this call. When called, only “Unknown call” appears on the display.

* 43 #

If you want to activate the call waiting function, use this code. Then the caller does not hear the busy signal and you hear a call waiting beep with a second incoming call.

# 43 #

This disables the call waiting function.

** 04 *[alte PIN]*[neue PIN]*[neue PIN]#

With this input you can easily change the PIN of your mobile phone without having to laboriously navigate the submenus.

** 21 *[Rufnummer]#

If you want to set up general call forwarding, dial this code. With this you can eg. B. Redirect calls from your second mobile to your first device, even for free with a flat rate.

## 21 #

This deactivates call forwarding again.

* # 21 #

Have you forgotten which call diversions you have entered? With this code you start a status query.

** 62 *[Rufnummer]#

Activate call forwarding on a number of your choice (e.g. landline) if you are not reachable (dead zone, mobile phone off).

* # 2222 #

View the hardware version.

* # 0228 #

Type to check battery and network status.

# * 5376 #

Attention, this code deletes all SMS!

* 3001 # 12345 # *

With this secret code, the iPhone switches to field test mode, showing, for example, the cell phone of the radio antenna (am I connected to a foreign cellular network in the border area?) And the cell phone standard activated ( LTE, 4G).

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