Here’s how much the pill affects your brain

Disturbing study

there would be one “dramatic difference in the size of the brain structure” explains the scientist. The study shows a connection he believes in it definitely needs to be explored further. What has not yet been studied is the potential impact of the pill brain functions.

The study revealed some insights that Dr. Lipton as “provisionally“Based on this, the smaller hypothalamus becomes larger with the larger one Wut and symptoms of a Depression related.

However, it is still unclear how severe the consequences actually are.

Pill alternatives increasingly popular

While the pill was being praised in the skies as a safe contraceptive, more and more have come in recent years Criticism of the drug On. An evaluation by the “Techniker Krankenkasse” shows that the pill is always prescribed less often becomes. Young women in particular are obviously more interested in the risks and side effects of hormone preparations and prefer to use alternative methods of contraception.

In the latest survey by the “Federal Center for Health Education”, the pill was a race to the neck among the most popular contraceptives Condom. The evaluation also shows that natural methods of contraception like More and more widespread temperature or calendar method want.

Pill, no thanks! Contraception without hormones

Would you also like to use hormone-free contraception? Condoms are always a good ideaAfter all, they not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also from Sexually transmitted diseases.

A great way to get to know your body better is cycle computer like “Daysy”. With a simple temperature measurement after waking up, the little helper can fertile days calculate reliably.

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