Hell Rostock? HSV goalkeeper Heuer Fernandes in the mood for promotion

It will definitely not be a walk in the park. A heated atmosphere awaits HSV in Rostock on Sunday (15:30, live ticker on The pros will have to defy all odds to defend at least third place in the standings. Caretaker Daniel Heuer Fernandes has no illusions and expects a damn hot dance in the hell of the Baltic Sea.

The 29-year-old is having a really strong season and is reliable behind the best defense in the league (only 33 goals conceded in 33 games). Even though Hansa is no longer in the game, Heuer Fernandes is prepared for anything. “He will certainly ask us everything, the opponent will make our life difficult,” he told NDR. “They will be fully motivated to play against HSV. But we will not be less motivated!”

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HSV fans could also play a decisive role in Rostock. 2500 of them will be there at the Baltic Sea and things should also get to work in the stands. The Rostock police are prepared for anything and have classified the meeting as a risky game.

HSV goalkeeper: “It’s nice to have this chance”

“Anyone who loves rumble supports us,” says Heuer Fernandes, who can still remember well the power 57,000 fans wielded in last weekend’s 2-1 win over Hannover. “It’s great that we still have this chance to achieve something huge on the final day of play,” said the goalkeeper. “It has been noticed that it is also something great for the fans. We want and must bring this enthusiasm with us, these are the percentages that could be decisive this time too “.

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