Heart-healthy and crunchy: wholesome snacks for children, Deutsche Herzstiftung eV, press release

Almost every sixth child in Germany has grown fatter. Almost a third of children eat more sweets. Almost half of all children move less than before. This alarming news is the result of a current parental survey of children and adolescents’ eating and exercise behavior since the onset of the corona pandemic (1, 2). “The consequences of the pandemic must be absorbed, otherwise the ‘kilos of crown’ will be booming for the health of an entire generation”, warns nutritionist Prof. Dr. Hans Hauner, director of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Center (EKFZ) for nutritional medicine of the Technical University (TU) of Munich, which presented the forsa survey to the German Obesity Society (DAG) at the end of May. About 1,000 parents of children between the ages of three and 17 were interviewed for the survey.

Prof. Hauner, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation, points out that since the beginning of the pandemic there has never been an increase in weight on the scale. Experts warn that the worrying result “The main thing is sweet”, because obesity in children and young people can lead to high blood pressure, fatty liver or diabetes. “Healthy food for children, which should be tasty and varied at the same time, often fails due to suitable recipe ideas in the already hectic daily life of many families,” admits Hauner.

The nutritionist therefore advises families to use the Heart Foundation’s new compact guide “Snacks for a heart-healthy break” with recipes, which can be ordered free of charge at or by calling 069 955128- 400. The recipes are also suitable for training / university and work.

Whole grains increase concentration and protect health

Why is dietary fiber so important and why is its combination in fruit with sugar particularly beneficial? How to easily spice up snacks for school, college and the office? A bread box recipe that contains these components, but is also delicious and easy to prepare, is wholemeal bread with ham and radish quark and yogurt with muesli. No rocket science: away from white flour rolls with chocolate cream, fill your breakfast box with wholemeal bread and crunchy fruit and vegetables instead. It tastes delicious, is healthy, and helps avoid cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes and obesity. “Foods rich in fiber such as wholemeal bread are processed more slowly by the body, in order to maintain a sufficiently high concentration of glucose in the blood for a longer period of time. The brain receives energy optimally and can maintain its performance for longer, “explains Hauner.

Heart-healthy snacks: nerve food with potency

Even if children like it: never put too much sugar in the breakfast box, because Danes and muffins cause the blood sugar level to go up quickly, but just as quickly it decreases and with it the concentration (information: – breaking bread). Healthy sandwiches are delicious, fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains are part of the packed lunch. “Take your time in the morning or the night before and prepare a healthy lunch with your baby. Stuffing the bread with different colors is fun and the child can choose the one he likes. It can be creative, ”advises Heart Foundation expert Hauner.


Information on the guide “Healthy snacks during breaks”

The guide “Snacks for a heart-healthy break” can be obtained free of charge from the Heart Foundation at or at 069 955128-400.

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