Hannover 96: Marcus Mann grabs fast giant Phil Neumann – 2nd Bundesliga

After coach Stefan Leitl (44), the first rookie at Hannover 96 is also perfect! Phil Neumann (24) won the first signing bid for the new season.

The man from Kiel arrives on a free transfer and, like Leitl, has signed a three-year contract. He earns around 55,000 euros a month.

Man gets the giant fast!

Neumann stands 1.92 meters tall and weighs 91 kilograms. However, the defensive giant is lightning fast. At 35.73 km / h he is in 3rd place in the 2nd division. Only Marnon Busch (Heidenheim / 36.11 km / h) and Streli Mamba (Rostock / 35.97 km / h) are faster.

Head of sport Marcus Mann (38): “We are putting a great central defender in the team and at the same time extremely fast. In terms of age, character and sporting profile, he fits very well with our planned path for the future.”

In the defense of 96, things will go on in the future. Sei Muroya (35.65 km / h) is currently the fourth fastest player in the second division.

Neumann went through Schalke’s youth. He made his second division debut in Ingolstadt in 2017. Coach at the time: Stefan Leitl.

Leitl had to leave in 2018. Neumann came down with Ingolstadt and moved to Kiel in 2019. At Holstein he became one of the best defenders in the league. Mann is certain: “At 24, he is certainly not at the end of his development.”

At 96, Neumann is slated to serve as central defender to replace captain Marcel Franke (29 / Karlsruhe). But he can also play right in three or four defenders.

Also Werder Bremen with Phil’s former coach Ole Werner (34) it was hot, but Neumann opted for 96: “Anyone who knows Hannover 96 knows that they are a great club that has a lot of importance for many fans. I really want to be part of them” .

The fan of video games (“Warzone”) and tennis players (“I’m unbeatable”) moves to Hanover with his girlfriend Victoria and their dog Lotta. His best friends include Timo Becker (on loan from Schalke to Rostock) and Kiel colleague Fabian Reese.

Neumann’s move will be followed by others this week.

Max Besuschkow (24 / Regensburg) and Enzo Leopold (21 / Freiburg II) are on a free transfer. Likewise Fabian Kunze (23), who with Bielefeld is still fighting against relegation from the Bundesliga. This obligation should therefore only become official after the last day.

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