This ensemble always tasted better than a piece of meatloaf from the gas station counter that had sweated for hours under the red light, even when I was hungry again right away on the freeway.

Not everything is going smoothly at the McDonald’s fast food company at the moment, aside from making the disc-shaped meatballs. First, after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the hamburger maker sold its 850 branches in the largest country in the world – presumably at a ridiculous price – to a Russian businessman, forgoing the 9 % of the group’s global sales. And then they got involved in a solid discrimination scandal.

The story is said to have unfolded in a place called Chicopee, “about 128 kilometers west of Boston,” although the “about” in the relevant SPON article sounds extremely factual, because those about 128 kilometers away, which the editors have probably determined on Google Maps have, yes they are a pretty accurate statement. In this city, a Muslim family is said to have ordered a fish sandwich from the local McDonald’s branch. As we read on, this sandwich is said to have been tainted with fried pork belly, ostensibly with discriminatory intent.

In any event, the affected family, who could correctly identify themselves as Muslim to fast food employees by wearing appropriate clothing such as a headscarf and overcoat known as an abaya, immediately contacted a civil rights organization, which is now not just asking. compensation from McDonald’s, but also better employee training “to prevent a similar incident in the future”.

Celebrate with a behind-the-scenes look at the precarious taster

“McDonald’s made my children feel and I feel unwanted and worthless,” said the Muslim woman, who was discriminated against, in the complaint, although one of the children is said to have eaten the bottom half of the sandwich and part of the fish fillet. For the part of the sandwich not consumed, the family was then reimbursed the purchase price in the shop. An error is excluded. There is no other reason for action than “to punish us for our faith and our religious convictions”.

The group is strongly advised to put a warning on the packaging of its burgers and other culinary offerings in the future: “Warning: our products may contain types of food due to production, including different types of meat or fish”. Analogous to the “Hot Attention” imprint on paper cups for the popular takeaway coffee. Recall that, in the early 1990s, an American woman sued McDonald’s for $ 640,000 for scalding herself after spilling some of the liquid while she held a hot cup of coffee between her feet. Perhaps Chicopee’s Muslim family will have similar luck.

Incidentally, my sympathy for McDonalds is very limited, as the group is largely responsible for the decline of bourgeois food culture, especially table manners and the traditional children’s birthday party. Ever since the party kids had fun “90 minutes of party” as part of a “Burger Birthday Party” at the base price of 25 euros (plus consumption), with “cool games” and a look behind the scenes of the precarious eaters of food, there were pot beatings, sack contests and herding dogs on the schedule.

How to cut a hamburger with French fries forks

From a culinary point of view, the pairing of fish and pork belly is not uncommon, when you think of the “Finkenwerder Art” plaice sprinkled with fried bacon for breakfast, but I’ve never found anything like it at McDonald’s and Burger King . Although now I must feel taken to consider myself one of their one-time customers. Or have counted. When I still took long journeys on the motorway for work reasons, I always preferred the fast food restaurants of the private Autohöfe to the normal motorway service stations.

My menu always consisted of a cheeseburger, a serving of Chicken McNuggets, fries and a medium milk, and to the amazement of those sitting around I tried to eat these delicacies without using my hands directly. To do this, I fished out two of the tiny wooden fries forks that were always ready at the counter, used them to break the burger into individual pieces and then staked them with the bident. The procedure, which wasn’t too complex, at least saved me from having to go to the dirty toilet to wash my hands. During the meal, printed paper sets were always available for free reading, on which McDonald’s provided information on any social, ecological and animal welfare feats.

This ensemble always tasted better than a piece of meatloaf taken from the gas station’s warming counter that had sweated for hours under the red light, although, returning to the freeway, I immediately got hungry, paying attention to the towering billboards again. advertising, which I then found in one of the next. I was hoping to satisfy the truck stops with a big milkshake, with a vanilla flavor. A real calorie bomb and totally artificial, but somehow fantastic.

No more reflexively wrinkling your nose

Now I rarely have to take long trips on the freeway, and my occasional visits to McDonald’s & Co. have been reduced to short stories from the book of the sins of youth. However, at this point, I don’t want to give a general verdict on burgers and their derivatives like cheese and fish burgers. As the “new burger culture” has arrived in Germany and no restaurant can afford not to have such a meal in stock, you no longer have to turn up your nose reflexively.

If there was a responsible chef at work, the bun didn’t burn, the meatball didn’t dry out, the cocktail sauce was homemade, the tomato slice wasn’t just water, and the lettuce was still crunchy, then a burger jar they also meet high culinary standards. Also, fried potato wedges or French fries, for which trendy French fries have a high addictive factor, but like all addictive factors, this is subject to a rapidly decreasing trend.

For the first time in my life, I ate such a fancy burger in the 90s in New York, at an upscale restaurant in Greenwich Village, and was very amazed to see this rather delicious tasting sandwich presented on a plate rather than in the polystyrene box, together with the cutlery of course. I was even more flabbergasted by the crumbling branches of the fast food restaurants with their worn seat cushions, worn tables, dirty floors and an overall extremely trashy look. A development that has yet to come in the face of rapid economic and social decline.

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