Hahn Airport was sold to SWIFT CONJOY – SWR Aktuell

The insolvent Hunsrück Airport Hahn was sold. All employees should keep their jobs. The new owners announced that they would invest and expand the airport.

As announced by the airport, the business was sold to SWIFT CONJOY GmbH based in Frankfurt. All employees will be taken over by the new owner. According to preliminary information, there are around 430 employees.

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Before the contract can be concluded, some conditions still need to be met. Both bankruptcy trustee Jan Markus Plathner and the new owner assume this will happen in the near future. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

The sale is said to be what is known as an asset deal. The assets are transferred to the new owners, who take over a debt-free airport. The previous shareholders are out and, like the creditors, remain in the insolvency proceedings, which the bankruptcy trustee is continuing.

The new investor wants to create jobs

“We are very pleased that the bidding process has been successfully completed. Flight operations will continue until the contractual conditions are met under the insolvency proceedings and then by the buyer,” said Plathner.

SWIFT CONJOY CEOs Tobias Steyer and Martin Mansell announced that they would “continue and broadly expand passenger and freight operations in Hahn. This also includes investment and the creation of new jobs in the region.”

The president of the “Citizens for Hahn Airport” association, Werner Heich, is hoping for this. “Let’s hope things pick up again,” Heich said, surprised by Wednesday night’s short-term sales news, the SWR. His club welcomes the continuation of cargo and passenger flight operations and hopes that more jobs will be created under the new owners.

Less enthusiastic about the sale Olaf Simon, president of the citizens’ initiative against Hahn airport. Simon does not believe that SWIFT CONJOY can do what the previous owners were unable to do: permanently save the rooster.

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The former US military airport with a rare, rather structurally weak Hunsrück night flight permit, which for marketing reasons is called Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, filed for bankruptcy in October 2021. According to the ADV airport association, the Hahn’s freight traffic from January to May 2022 decreased compared to the same period last year.

Passenger numbers, on the other hand, skyrocketed after the crown restrictions were lifted, but was still considerably lower than the figure for the first five months of 2019 before the pandemic. According to the airport’s website, staff are currently being sought for a range of areas, from groundhandling services to airport firefighters to the duty-free shop.


Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in the Hunsrück near Lautzenhausen (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Picture Alliance)

The US Air Force base has become a civilian airport. The chronology of an experiment.

In 2016, the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate let itself be robbed by the suspected fraudulent Chinese company Shanghai Yiqian Trading in the first attempt to sell 82.5% of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. It was only at the last moment that the government pulled the rope and saved so much tax money.

A year later, the Chinese group HNA, meanwhile also ill, acquired 82.5 percent of the airport from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate for around 15 million euros. Hesse still holds 17.5%.

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