Great victory for the Bundesliga

And the champions of the record could also financially manage the transfer of the Belgian. In terms of salary, Lukaku is expected to be in a region similar to Lewandowski. And according to, the market value of him is currently 85 million euros. Part of the Lukaku package could therefore be paid for with Lewandowski’s share.

Sure, this change sounds illusory at first, but it really isn’t. After all, Lukaku was once enthusiastic about FC Bayern’s “Sky Italia”. He then said: “There are three top-level teams: Barcelona, ​​Real, Bayern. All the players dream of them, this is the truth.”

No, Lukaku is too old and too expensive

Das Contra von Florian Wichert, Deputy Chief Director

More than 300 million euros have been up for grabs for Lukaku alone in his career. He has played for Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United and Inter Milan. Last year Chelsea alone paid 115 million euros to bring them back after seven years. With each change, his salary became more and more expensive.

Too much money for a forward who is currently not even a regular player.

And rightly so. Lukaku has only scored seven Premier League goals this season, with the weekend brace. Instead, he caused trouble with a New Year’s interview about emigration thoughts, putting his personal feelings before the interests of the team.

Symptomatic: In February, in the match against Crystal Palace, he set a negative record with only six touches of the ball in an entire match, at least since the data collection began. Lukaku weighs 103 kilograms and is 1.91 meters tall. He is all the more surprising that he can sometimes immerse himself completely.

Bayern need a world-class forward to replace Lewandowski, or at least one with the potential. Lukaku will turn 29 in May, is past its prime and simply cannot be funded. Or rather: Bayern shouldn’t throw money out the window for him.

What do you mean? Who is right?


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