Great memory of Aldi coffee: serious injuries threaten if consumed

Aldi is currently in the recall phase. As there may be glass shards in a cafe, customers should no longer consume it. Find out what you need to know here.

Aldi customers currently have an important recall to consider. Soluble coffee “Moreno Gold 100g” is affected, as the discounter says on its website reported. There may be glass shards in some batches.

Specifically, these are articles with expiration date 18.06.2023 and LOT L1169. Affected items have already been withdrawn from sale. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

Recall of coffee from Aldi: this is how customers should react now

This product is affected by the recall.
This product is affected by the recall.

Aldi Nord

Foreign objects such as broken glass can cause serious problems if worn. The result can be internal injuries or bleeding, as well as injuries to the mouth and throat.

Customers who bought a corresponding product in an Aldi Nord branch can return it there. The purchase price will be refunded. Other expiration dates or other items of the Moreno brand and of the manufacturer “SEDA OUTSPAN IBERIA, SLU” are not affected.

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