GP Miami – Sebastian Vettel explains the underwear protest against the FIA ​​advance: “It was more of a gag”

Also, Sebastian Vettel also said: “I think the whole story is stupid anyway.”

“We have grown up somewhere and everyone should decide for themselves”, clarified the four-time world champion, underlining: “I don’t think it’s good that our sport is threatened with a quarter of a million dollars or euros by the FIA ​​if you wear underwear. “.

Vettel thinks the FIA’s current line of jewelry and underwear is “a little over the top”. Hence the witty protest.

Miami GP

Panties protest! Vettel attracts attention and criticism


Formula 1: Jewelery ban applies from Miami

Also because the advance of the FIA ​​has a serious background. The ban on jewelry and the use of flame retardant underwear serves to ensure safety and is intended to increase safety, especially in the case of a car on fire.

However, the stricter ban on jewelry, in particular, has caused controversy in Australia since it was announced. According to race director Nils Wittich, a transition period that has been in place since the race in Australia ends this weekend in Miami. Teams must confirm that their riders are following the rules.

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Miami GP

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Miami GP

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