Gladbach fans are not happy with 3: 3 at all

Captain Stindl is surprised
The scenes after the final whistle testify to the “gap” between fans and Borussia

Lars Stindl’s last-minute equalizer did not spark the usual cheer for such goals in the Gladbach host block: the team had previously lost 2-0. The withheld joy even turned into a dispute after the final whistle. What Adi Hütter and Christian Streich said about it.

Lars Stindl couldn’t believe it. It was then that he scored his first goal after a seven-month break, the 3-3 in the third minute of added time at SC Freiburg – and a significant number of away fans didn’t seem to be very happy for him. First he made a puzzled gesture, then kicked the billboard once in anger.

But that wasn’t enough: after the final whistle, Stindl fulfilled his duties as captain and asked his colleagues to thank their supporters. In addition to attempts at encouragement, Borussia also received clear expressions of dissatisfaction, so the team returned prematurely at the behest of Stindl. “You are so ridiculous!” They were called after them as they entered the cabin.

The chapter, a symbol of a certain disunity between fans and clubs, was not over yet. Hundreds of Freiburg travelers stayed longer in the guest block and booed at reservists and pranksters, who carried out their phasing out program in front of them. They then moved on to the curve of the house and only returned when the guest block was almost completely empty.

Coach Adi Hütter did not notice, nor did he notice the celebration contained after the 3: 3. Of course, a large poster hadn’t escaped his attention. He said after 1: 3 in the derby against 1. FC Köln the previous week: “No fight, no will, no characters – you are a disgrace to the city and the club!” Hütter classified it as follows: “The man must. We also understand some of our fans’ disappointments. The season is not satisfying. That’s why sometimes you have to understand impatience in a big club like Borussia Mönchengladbach. It’s not good, not good. ‘is doubtful “.

With the reference to the “big club”, Hütter took up the words of his colleague Christian Streich at the press conference. The Freiburg coach felt compelled to comment on the difficult general situation of Borussia. “I wish Adi all the best. It’s not easy when things don’t go well,” he said. “Gladbach are a great club. Fans must not forget that you cannot always and only play for the Champions League, not even with Gladbach. You need to make sure they stay sane. This is important for the coach, the team and the environment. Losing a derby is not the end of the world. “

Streich and his team were extremely bothered by the loss of points in the final after a strong comeback (0: 2 behind after 13 minutes, 3: 2 forward after 80 minutes). But four days after reaching the DFB Cup final and seeing he was just two points behind fourth, Freiburg was feeling satisfied at the same time. “If I had been a spectator, I would buy a season ticket for next season,” said Streich, who was immediately informed by his spokesperson that the contingent was currently sold out. And then even the Greens voter Streich had to pose for a selfie with the CDU member of the Bundestag in his constituency – he also did it with the ease that the Freiburgers couldn’t completely take away from the last-minute compensation against Gladbach. .

Borussia, on the other hand, had to experience that even a 3: 3 delay in one – at least temporarily – top team no longer brings great joys this season. “We have one thing to do: play football in the best possible way, perform and score,” said Hütter. “So we can close the current gap again.”

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