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Ginseng can promote the body’s self-healing. It is used as a remedy for allergies, inflammation and as a support for cancer therapies. What is the effect of capsules and tea with ginseng root extract?

Ginseng root has been one of the most important remedies in traditional Asian medicine for over 2,000 years. Ginseng does not act directly against disease, but is intended to mobilize the body’s self-healing powers.

Ginseng as a medicine: extracted from dried roots

Ginsenosides are among the healthy secondary plant substances. They are found mainly in the small secondary roots and hair. Although ginseng is also consumed as a strengthening soup in Asia, it is considered a medicinal here. The effective extract consists of washed and then dried ginseng roots, because fresh ginseng shapes itself in a few days.

Medicinal effects of ginseng

Various effects are attributed to the ginseng root:

  • breathing problems: Canadian scientists have found that ginseng makes colds shorter and milder, as well as relieving symptoms of asthma and hay fever.
  • cancer therapies: US studies have shown that ginseng can help cancer patients cope better with their therapies. Ginseng relieves leaden tiredness (fatigue syndrome) and stimulates the production of happiness hormones that increase well-being.
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases: Ginsenosides have an antibacterial and antiviral effect. If ginseng preparations contain at least 1.5% ginsenosides, they can significantly relieve chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism.
  • concentration: Ginsenosides stimulate brain cells to absorb more sugar and can therefore help you focus better and think more complex.

That ginseng the The ability to increase potency in men is as little proven as its efficacy in menopausal symptoms in women or a life-prolonging effect.

Ginseng Products: Capsules More Effective Than Tea

Effective extracts are usually offered in capsule form. Dyes, herbal teas, shampoos and cosmetic products, on the other hand, are more wellness products.

Possible risks and side effects if ingested

Ginseng products should not be taken for more than three months. The dose should not exceed one to two grams of extract per day. Possible consequences of an overdose:

  • high blood pressure
  • insomnia
  • diarrhea

People with diabetes or high blood pressure should consult their doctor before taking ginseng supplements. And those taking blood-thinning medications shouldn’t use ginseng extracts, because ginsenosides change blood clotting.

Cultivation and harvesting of ginseng

The cultivation of the forest plant requires a lot of patience: ginseng grows in the shade, it must be watered adequately and left to mature for six years until the active ingredients, the so-called ginsenosides, are present in sufficient concentration. In the fall, the ginseng root is harvested after the aerial part of the plant has died.

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