German factory according to Tesla at 1000 Model Y per week>

In April and May, the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, which officially started in March, was unable to do much to compensate for the large production loss due to the crown lockdown at the factory in China – in Germany itself, for example. , Tesla’s new registrations were lower in May than they had been in a long time. In June, however, things are going much better at both locations – the Shanghai Gigafactory is said to have once again reached full capacity. And for the German factory, Tesla reported having produced 1,000 Model Ys there this week.

Cheering in the German Tesla factory

As of mid-May, according to information from, production in Grünheide was still 86 models per day, extrapolated to the five working days per week so far, just over 400. Incidentally, there was no staff, but one week later 500 new people are expected to join Tesla and start a second shift. With that alone, production could have nearly doubled: last weekend an email from CEO Musk was published, saying that nearly 1000 Model Ys had been produced in the Gigafactory near Berlin in the previous days.

And this week this mark has actually been reached. In this case, CEO Musk did not disclose information internally, but Tesla herself publicly with a message on Twitter. “This week 1000 Model Ys produced at Giga Berlin. Thanks to the Tesla team! “@Tesla wrote on Saturday and posted a photo from the factory: Mostly men dressed in black, many in yellow safety vests, are standing around a black Model Y with the large number on the windshield, and they applaud.

Consistent with the increasing productivity of activities inside the factory, more complete Model Y Performance outside were also seen in June, which were then picked up from vans, some preloaded on a two-tier Supercharger structure Tesla placed there. . In countries that report new registrations on a daily basis, the increase has already been observed: in the last week about 800 Model Ys from Germany would have been registered in Norway, more than double the amount in May.

Gigafactory grows fastest in China

According to information from the Minister of Economy of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach, this year he will start a third shift at the Tesla in Grünheide. He put the number of employees there from 4,100 to 500 last week, with 500-600 new ones added every week. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in late April that the new plants in Germany and Texas could grow faster than those in China because a lot has been learned there. After a @Troyteslike observer rating However, the Shanghai Gigafactory got off to a better start after starting in early 2020: 10,000 Model 3s were produced in the third full month, as now in Grünheide.

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