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At Travel-Dealz, we rarely report the Emirates Skywards frequent flyer program. The Gulf airline’s loyalty program is currently under development which makes it almost necessary to warn it. Because the fact that loyalty is not a one-way street seems not to have been understood there yet.

In March of this year, Emirates drastically increased fees and commissions for award flights. Since then, an additional payment of 600 euros per direction has not been uncommon – on top of the required number of miles. As YHBU reports, now there has been another adjustment. The supplements have now risen to astronomical levels. After Australia, miles earners pay now over € 2,000 in taxes and fees for the return flight. And on top of that, 285,000 miles.

Second increase in five months

At the start of the Covid pandemic (in May 2020), Skywards had drastically reduced fuel surcharges. Instead of € 400 per direction to Dubai, only around € 150 was called at the time.

Now it is going in the other direction again. Emirates had already raised taxes in February and March of this year. It rose significantly in June.

You’ve been updated, followed the development closely, and provided some data points. The fees and taxes for one One way street– Business Class flights are therefore:

  • Business Class Frankfurt – Dubai:
    • March 2022: € 345
    • June 2022: € 468
  • Business Class Frankfurt – Dubai – Mauritius:
    • February 2022: € 248
    • March 2022: € 644
    • June 2022: € 863
  • Business Class Frankfurt – Dubai – Sydney:
    • February 2022: € 350
    • March 2022: € 939
    • June 2022: € 1,205

In our own research, we have been able to confirm these values. Emirates Skywards charges a whopping 285,000 miles and an additional € 2,319 in tax for a return flight Hamburg – Sydney in Business Class. For comparison: the actual airport taxes and charges on this connection are € 181.79.

Over € 2,300 in “Taxes and Fees” on an award flight to Australia!

Unfortunately there isn’t Saver-Available premium, “only” 180,000 miles would therefore be due there. Not a good deal yet.

Even in Economy Class, things are not much better. There, the charges for Sydney are € 632. There are also 157,500 miles (or 90,000 if you find a Savings Award).

The routes of the Fifth Freedom remain interesting

Excluded from the price increase (so far?) The routes of the Fifth Freedom. Particularly noteworthy are the transatlantic routes from Milan to New York and from Barcelona to Mexico City. There you pay for one Return flight:

  • Milan – New York: 145,000 miles + € 200 (90,000 miles as Saver)
  • Barcelona – Mexico City: 160,000 miles + € 260 (100,000 as Saver)


The surcharges Emirates recently charged for award flights are simply grotesque. At these prices there are almost business tickets already paid for with other airlines, without having to burn miles for it.

We strongly advise against bunkering of miles with Skywards due to these developments. You must transfer points from Membership Rewards or other programs only if you wish to redeem them immediately. And this is actually only worth considering on 5th Freedom routes.

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