Fortuna Dusseldorf – This player receives a big farewell against Darmstadt

At home against Darmstadt
This Fortuna player gets a big red card

Fortuna greeted their fans for a long time on Friday night against the candidates for promotion Darmstadt 98. But there are also goodbyes for a total of six players. Who is he and who his followers can thank again in particular.

The picture will be right when the season ends. “For the number of viewers, a three will certainly come first”, announces Tino Polster, Head of Media Communications at Fortuna, not without pride. At the same time, this means that Friday’s last home game (18:30) against SV Darmstadt 98 could also have the biggest backdrop of the entire season. The number of 31,649 visitors that Düsseldorf welcomed in the 1-1 draw against Hamburger SV on 19 March is unbeatable.

It will therefore be a worthy atmosphere for some goodbyes that Fortuna will do tonight. The focus is on the last great public appearance of former captain Oliver Fink: exactly one month before his 40th birthday, the red and white appendage can once again thank the native of Upper Palatinate, who has long since become a dusseldorfer in 13 years. with Fortuna. On May 14, he will play the last game of his career with the Under 23, which he has supported with his experience since the beginning of the season. After a longer vacation, he will start his new job at Flinger Broich’s youth academy in October.

But there will be other goodbyes, notably from Thomas Pledl, Florian Hartherz, Kai Eisele, Leonardo Koutris and Robert Bozenik. As expected, your contracts or loans will not be extended. Thioune’s addition shows that the manager has not yet fully canceled Khaled Narey despite his intention to change: “We will not say goodbye to Khaled on Friday”. Also interesting is the fact that Edgar Prib’s name is not on the list. The 32-year-old, whose contract is expiring and who is disqualified by the yellow against the “lilies”, is therefore still a topic of conversation.

“The last day of the home game is often very emotional, also due to the fact that the players and the club go their separate ways,” explains Klaus Allofs, member of the sports council. “It’s the same this time. On behalf of the whole club, I would like to thank Thomas Pledl, Florian Hartherz, Kai Eisele, Leonardo Koutris and Robert Bozenik for their commitment to our Fortuna and I wish them all the best for the future. . At the moment we are still in talks with the remaining players, whose contracts are also expiring. “

By the way, the opponent is partly responsible for the great popularity among the public. The people of Darmstadt have sold an impressive 4000 tickets to their fans, which obviously has to do with the “Lilies” ranking. With a win against Fortuna they were able not only to eradicate the notch of defeat by 1: 3 in the first leg against Böllenfalltor, but also put themselves in a very promising position in the final sprint for promotion to the Bundesliga.

Thioune verbally wraps a wreath in Darmstadt. “This club has every right to be up there,” praises the 47-year-old. “I was skeptical that Darmstadt could recover from this crazy preparation with so many crown cases. They did a great job.”

Now the SV 98 is coming to Stockum as an ever-hot candidate for promotion. However, Thioune promises the guests a hot dance: “After the relegation, we were relieved, but there was no drop in tension.” And he will have the best possible line-up, that is, without the injured Adam Bodzek, Marcel Sobottka and Jordy de Wijs and the suspended Prib go into the race: “The players we can win with.” It is called an announcement.

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