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Now it’s up to Lewis Hamilton (37) & Co. to do the laundry!

Formula 1 places an increasing value on safety. For the current season, the cars have become heavier and the chassis wider to better protect the drivers in their cars. Pilots should now be around 300 percent safer.

But those in charge of motorsport’s premier class want more and some drivers (albeit for their own safety) may not like it at all. The world association, the FIA, wants to scrutinize even more rigorously in the future the recently introduced ban on jewelry and the use of non-flame retardant clothing (including underwear).

Before the Miami Grand Prix (Sunday, 9.30pm), race director Niels Wittich once again reminded the drivers of the rule. The German had already pointed out the ban in the last race in Australia. The difference in his speech in Florida: Wittich announced champions.

Why some drivers still wear standard underwear.

The pilots shouldn’t like it at all! Superstar Mercedes Hamilton recently said, “I don’t understand why they care about these little things.” The Brit, who is big on jewelry and bodywear, added that he has piercings that he couldn’t permanently remove without them. to destroy.

The FIA ​​shouldn’t care. The global association justifies its action consistent with the fact that rings, piercings and stud earrings could be a hindrance to first responders and could act as a conductor of heat under fireproof clothing in the event of a fire.

This is why the jewels must come off in the future!

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