Formula 1 | Mick Schumacher surprises partners with the first sentence: “Suck my balls”

Mick Schumacher is in his second year in Formula 1. Prior to this season, however, his Haas racing team swapped partners. At the first greeting, Schumacher raised a surprise.

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Haas actually wanted to start the season with his two young stars Mick Schumacher (23) and Nikita Masepin (also 23). But Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine led the racing team to separate from Russian Masepin. Formula 1 had previously decided that he should only start under a neutral flag and should distance himself from the Russian war. Haas acted early and canceled the contract.

The problem: there were only two weeks left for the start of the season. Team leader Günther Steiner and his colleagues had little time for a successor. They opted for Dane Kevin Magnussen, who drove for the racing team from 2017 to 2020. However, some concern remained that the chemistry between Schumacher and Magnussen would not be right. Schumacher had had some disagreements with Masepin.

But it soon became clear that the new duo got along well. One key here: humor. In an interview with “Sport Bild”, Magnussen answered the question about how the first contact was: “Well. His first words to me were ‘Suck my balls! (In German: suck my balls)'”.

The striking wording had a background. Magnussen said this to Nico Hulkenberg in 2017 in a discussion at the Hungaroring race in Budapest. The relationship between the two is now good again.

“Mick is extremely kind”

Schumacher’s saying broke the ice with Magnussen, the 29-year-old explained, “Mick has a good sense of humor. From then on I knew we were going to have a good relationship. Mick is extremely kind and very relaxed. Not. he doesn’t pretend and he’s not aloof. It’s not a matter of course for Formula 1 drivers. I respect him a lot. “

Even after the first few races the relationship is good, even if the teammates are also competitors: “Obviously I want to finish in front of as many riders as possible in each race. This also applies to Mick. But the absolute priority is the well-being of the team.”

So far Magnussen has won. After four races he is 10th in the overall standings with 15 points, while Schumacher has not yet scored any points. But that will change, Magnussen believes: “Mick is improving week by week, he has already reached a new level in the first races of this season. He will score his first points in the near future.”

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